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  • PCS Mastercard

    For your Internet and store purchases as well as cash withdrawals from over 34 million merchants and ATMs around the world.

    PCS Mastercard

PCS Mastercard

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Recharge your PCS Prepaid Mastercard with a PCS Top Up Voucher

Do you wish to top-up your PCS Prepaid Mastercard with a PCS Creacard Top Up? No problem, because at Gamecardsdirect you can purchase a Top Up and add new balance to your PCS Prepaid Mastercard. After your payment, the PCS Prepaid Mastercard top-up code is immediately sent by email. Use your new prepaid credit immediately to pay online, as a prepaid debit card or prepaid credit card. Because the card is debit and not credit, you always keep an overview of your expenses and won’t be charged if you have no budget. You have no recurring expenses and the credit remains valid for 2 years. A great prepaid debit card with low costs and all the advantages of a classic credit card!

How does a Prepaid Mastercard Top Up card work?

A top up code for your prepaid credit card works very simple. Log in with your PCS account and deposit money to your card using the code you receive from us via email.

How do I buy a PCS Mastercard Top Up card online?

You can buy a PCS Mastercard Top Up card online at Gamecardsdirect. Add the product to your shopping basket and pay. Easy peasy.

Where can I use a PCS Mastercard?

A prepaid mastercard can be used wherever you see a Mastercard logo. Are you in doubt? Always inquire at the store in question first.

Am I eligible for a prepaid card?

Because it is a prepaid Card and you can determine your balance on the Card yourself, there is no financial verification. That is why anyone who is 18 years of age or older can use a prepaid credit card.

Is it safe to pay online with my prepaid PCS Card?

In addition to the extra security provided by Mastercard ID Check, as a PCS Mastercard holder you have the standard guarantee that you also have with a physical card. So you are always assured of a safe purchase.

How to use the PCS Creacard Top Up

Please note that you will first need to own a PCS Mastercard before you can use this product! Once you have a prepaid Mastercard, you can Top Up the balance of that card with a PCS Creacard. For redeem instructions, please go to “Redeem Instructions”. With this code, you can top-up your:

  • PCS Virtual Card;
  • Carte PCS Chrome;
  • Carte PCS Black;
  • Carte PCS Infinity.

For more info about these cards, please check the official PCS website.

The advantages of a prepaid credit card such as PCS Mastercard

There are of course many advantages of a prepaid credit card, for example, you will have control over and a clear overview of your spendings. There are more advantages to having a prepaid credit card, such as:

  • Control the limit on your PCS Mastercard;
  • Having a credit card that is not attached to your bank account;
  • Ideal for traveling abroad.

You see that you can easily use this type of credit card abroad and in (online) stores. Use the card in countries where credit cards are more often accepted as a payment method in shops and hotels than other payment methods. At Gamecardsdirect, the following PCS Mastercard values are available:

How can I check the balance on my prepaid card account?

Your account at My PCS is your personal and secure page at After logging in, you can see all your account statements and payments. Arrange all your prepaid card matters online.

Give a PCS Creacard Top Up to a friend!

Did you know that a PCS Creacard Top Up can be an ideal present for someone who owns PCS Mastercard? Whether it’s your friend, or your kid, you can give them a prepaid cash card such as this one. With the prepaid Mastercard, you can:

  • Pay safely online;
  • Pay wherever Mastercard is an accepted payment method;
  • Use it abroad;
  • Send money to friends and/or family;
  • Use it for travelling across the globe;
  • Use it as pocket money for your children.

How to check your PCS Balance

You can easily check the balance of your PCS card. You can do this via the PCS website, calling their customer service department ( +32 (0) 496 863 584) or by sending a text message. So you know when you have to buy new credit for your PCS card. No waiting, no hassle - just top up your credit card and enjoy!

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