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    Netflix has something for everyone: movies, series and Originals!

    Netflix members can watch their favourite titles from the comfort of their own home, on any device and without advertisements.



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Are you looking for the manual of Netflix Gift Cards? You can now find it here, by clicking on any Gift Card and selecting the tab "Redeem Instructions".

Start your Netflix subscription with a Netflix gift card

Did you know you can have a Netflix subscription without having to link your payment details to your account? That way, you are always in control of your expenses and active subscriptions. With a Netflix Gift Card you can start your prepaid subscription and watch your favourite films and series.

So start your Netflix subscription with a Netflix gift card today and enjoy all the benefits that come with it. You can watch your favourite series, documentaries and movies commercial-free.

Particularly convenient is that even when you are abroad, you can log in with your account and enjoy the specific offer of films and series for the country that you are located in. This guarantees entertainment for the whole family, even when on holiday!


Purchase your Netflix gift card online at Gamecardsdirect

A Netflix gift card can be added to your existing account or when you make a new account. Purchase the Netflix prepaid code online at Gamecardsdirect, the one-stop gift card shop and receive the gift card as digital code in your mailbox right away! The Netflix voucher will be added to your account as a gift credit. Redeem your code immediately and stream the best movies and series on your smartphone, TV or tablet today! Netflix will let you know when you run out of credit. When you purchase your Netflix gift code at Gamecardsdirect, you receive the email instant after completing the payment!

With the monthly changing offer of new films and series on Netflix you are always guaranteed to watch something new.


Netflix: the best streaming experience is with a Netflix prepaid

You experience the best streaming service of Netflix with a Netflix prepaid card. There are no monthly fees and you can actually use Netflix without a subscription. No credit card required, and subscription fees will be deducted automatically from your gift card balance. Do you qualify for a free trial? Then you get one free month on top of your Netflix credit! You can get a free 1-month trial if you are new to Netflix and making a new account.

If you want to keep watching Netflix, you can easily arrange a renewal by buying a new Netflix gift code. At Gamecardsdirect, we have the following gift cards available for you in our webshop:

Gift the Netflix code to someone else!

Do you want someone to enjoy the endless selection of series, documentaries, films, children's shows, cooking shows and popular TV shows? A Netflix subscription is just the thing to give as a gift. And with our free gift cards you can turn a digital card code into a nice gift card to print out. That way, you'll have a suitable gift for every occasion!

Netflix FAQ

A Netflix Gift Card is a prepaid card you can use to activate or extend your Netflix account.

Go to and enter the 11-digit code that you received from us. Do you already have an account? Then enter the code by clicking Redeem Gift Certificate or Promotional Code on your Account page.

Unable to redeem your code? Look at the error codes below to see why you cannot redeem the code.

This indicates that the code has already been redeemed by an account. Go to your Billing Information page to see if the gift card still has value. If not, contact our Customer Support.

Check if you have entered the code correctly. Sometimes it is possible to first copy the code to a text document, to remove any excess spaces. Try copying the code again when redeeming. Is it still not working? Please contact us.

Go to to delete your cookies. Then go to to redeem your code. Still having problems? Wait 24 hours and try again. If the error persists, contact Netflix.

Netflix Gift Card cannot be exchanged for partner bundles or service packages.

It is possible to use more than one Netflix Gift Card. Your balance is simply increased with every gift voucher you redeem. Check your Billing Information page to view your current balance.

No, you do not need a credit card to use the Netflix Gift Card.

You can use Netflix as long as there is enough credit on your gift card. If credit is too low, you can only use Netflix for part of the month equal to the value that is left on the card. If the balance is completely used up, you will need a new gift voucher.

Netflix Gift Cards do not expire. You can give this to someone as a gift without worry!

No. So make sure you buy the card that matches the region of your account. / Yes. You can use a gift voucher that you have purchased in another country, as long as the gift voucher has the same currency as your Netflix invoice.

You will receive an email from Netflix as a reminder when your balance is low.

Yes. Redeem the code at If the balance is too low for a whole month, your account is active for the amount of time that equals your balance. It can take up to 60 minutes for the block to be completely removed.

Your account will be deleted if the full amount has been used on your Netflix Gift Card. After that, it is no longer possible to use the Netflix streaming service.

No, this is not possible.

There are 3 subscriptions available in Europe: Basic (SD subscription for one screen), Standard (HD subscription for two screens) and Premium (HD / UHD 4K subscription for four screens).

Countless of series, films and documentaries are available on Netflix. With your Netflix subscription you have access to Netflix in more than 190 countries. Content on Netflix may vary by region and may change from time to time. The more you look, the better the suggestions adapts to your interests. So no more endless searching before you find something interesting to watch.

Thanks to the Netflix streaming service you can watch everywhere and on almost any device. Because of the streaming software, you only need the Netflix app on your device and internet connection.

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