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  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

    Did you know you get many more benefits with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate? You get the benefits of Live Gold, Game Pass, cross-platform play, and EA Play with your Ultimate subscription. Play your favorite games wherever and however you want.

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Game Pass

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Xbox Game Pass 3 Months

€ 29,99
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Xbox Game pass 6 Months

€ 59,99
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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 1 month

€ 12,99
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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 months

€ 38,99
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PC Game Pass - 3 Months

€ 29,99


Dive into many worlds with the Xbox Game Pass (Ultimate)!

Choose from over a hundred games in the Xbox Game Pass library, for both PC to console. Jump in on the fun of trying new games or play your favourite ones again. There's always something new to experience with Xbox Game Pass or the Game Pass Ultimate.

For one low price per month you can play unlimited games. Be among the first to play the latest titles from Xbox Game Studios and [email protected], which will be available to Xbox Game Pass members on the same day as their worldwide release.

Always the perfect game for you, waiting in the Game Pass library

In the Game Pass library, you will always find the perfect game to play. Prove yourself in the street battles of GTA: V, built the worlds of your fantasy in Minecraft or explore other ones in games like Faeria.

Choose between the traditional Game Pass and the Game Pass Ultimate

Since 2019, Microsoft Xbox came with a new kind of subscription: the Game Pass Ultimate. With the Game Pass Ultimate, you will now have the best of both worlds, Xbox Live Gold and the Game Pass. See below the differences between the Game Pass and the Game Pass Ultimate subscription:

With the Game Pass Ultimate, you will have:

  • Unlimited Access to Xbox and PC Games;
  • Access to Xbox Game Studios titles the minute they release;
  • Exclusive Game Pass Ultimate member discounts;
  • Xbox Live deal included with subscription.

With the traditional Game Passs, Xbox Live Gold subscription deal is excluded. However, this subscription costs less and may, therefore, be perfect for beginners.

Play Indie games coming directly from the developers via ID @ Xbox!

The [email protected] program allows qualified game developers to unleash their creativity by publishing their own digital games on Xbox One and Windows 10 with Xbox Live and the Game Pass Ultimate. Microsoft gives studios and developers the tools and support they need to maximize their success. So are you a big fan of Indie games? Take a look at this game genre (ID @ Xbox) in the Xbox Store.

Do you want to know more about the Xbox Game Pass subscriptions?

Do you have further questions regarding your Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription? Please visit our FAQ page for the Ultimate or the FAQ page for the regular Xbox Game Passe, there you will find most of the answers :). If you are experiencing difficulties redeeming your code, please take a look at our manual. You will find step-by-step instructions for redeeming your Xbox Game Pass (Ultimate) code.

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