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    You can find anything on Amazon, from toys to books, cosmetic items to electronics and so much more. Shop in the German Amazon webshop with an Amazon Gift Card!

    Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Cards

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Buy everything and more in the webshop!

If is your go-to webshop, then you will definitely have use of an Amazon Gift Card. You can use the gift card to top up your Amazon Balance or use the code directly during checkout, which makes online shopping even easier. Amazon has a vast range of products, from music and games to beauty products and books. German Amazon prepaid codes are available in the following values:

In addition to Amazon Gift Cards for the German Amazon webshop, you can also purchase Amazon UK cards in our webshop. You can easily switch between countries if you need a UK Amazon card.

Receive your Amazon Shopping code directly in your mailbox

You can buy the Amazon Giftcard online at Gamecardsdirect. You will receive the code in your mailbox after completing the payment.

Proceed to checkout with your Amazon Gift Card using the payment method that is most suited or you, such as iDeal, PayPal or credit card. After your payment, you will receive your Amazon Gift Card code directly by email.

After purchase, you have ten years to use your code. Do you still have credit left after your order? This is also valid for ten years after the purchase of your Amazon Gift Card. Do you have questions regarding your Amazon Balance? Please contact Amazon Customer Support:

Please note that Amazon uses separate Amazon accounts for each country and therefore also different Amazon gift cards. Amazon gift cards are available for Amazon Germany (DE), Amazon England (UK) or (US). So pay close attention to which country you are buying the Amazon Gift Card for. Choose the right country and the desired value for which you want to buy the Amazon gift card.

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