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  • Amazon Gift Cards

    You can find anything on Amazon, from toys to books, cosmetic items to electronics and so much more. Shop in the German Amazon webshop with an Amazon Gift Card!

    Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Cards

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Amazon Gift Cards

What are Amazon prepaid gift cards?

Amazon Gift Cards are payment methods used to make purchases in the Amazon Store. You can buy electronics, toys, homeware, gardening supplies and DIY items, but also cosmetics, clothing and accessories.

Which variants of Amazon Gift Cards are available?

German Amazon prepaid codes are available with the following values:

In addition to Amazon Gift Cards for the German Amazon webshop, you can also purchase cards in our webshop. You can easily switch between countries if you need an UK Amazon card.

How do you order an code?

Ordering a gift card for is really easy in our webshop. Follow the steps below to order your gift card:

  1. Select how much credit you need and add the card to your shopping cart;
  2. Enter your name and email address on which you want to receive the code;
  3. Select the payment method and complete the payment method;
  4. After the order has been completed, the redeem code will be sent to you via email right away!

How can you redeem your Amazon Gift Card?

Redeeming your Amazon gift code in the webshop is really simple:

  1. Go to and add the products you want to purchase in your cart;
  2. Login or create an account;
  3. Fill in the form with your details;
  4. Choose ‘Gift Cards & Promotional Codes’ as the payment method and enter your 16-digid Amazon code;
  5. The credit from your gift card will be deducted from your total order and any remaining costs can be completed with another payment method.
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