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    You can find anything on Amazon, from toys to books, cosmetic items to electronics and so much more. Shop in the Dutch OR German Amazon webshop with an Amazon Gift Card! and Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Cards

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Purchase an Amazon gift card

The Amazon gift card gives you credit for the world's largest online shop. You will find entertainment and media, clothing, shoes and accessories, beauty and food, electronics, gadgets and computers, sports, home accessories and gardening tools. With such a wide range, you can always find the product you are looking for. The Amazon Gift Voucher is therefore the best gift for everyone and for all occasions.

Shop to your heart's content on Amazon with a Dutch or German Amazon Gift Voucher!

An Amazon Gift Voucher can be used as a method of payment in the or webshop. Are you looking for a specific product? Chances are you'll find it on Amazon! This huge webshop has thousands of products to choose from. Think of cosmetics, kitchenware, electronics, books and e-books, toys and much more.

At Gamecardsdirect you can buy different values of Amazon gift cards. Below are the available denominations:

In addition to the Amazon gift cards for the German and Dutch Amazon webshops, you can also buy Amazon gift cards for the UK webshop at Gamecardsdirect. You can easily switch between countries if you need a UK, NL or DE Amazon card by changing the country flag in the top right of your screen.

At Amazon, a separate Amazon account is used for each country and therefore also different Amazon gift cards. Amazon gift cards are available for Amazon Netherlands (NL), Amazon Germany (DE), Amazon UK (UK) and Amazon US (US). So please pay close attention to which country you buy the Amazon Gift Card for. Please select the appropriate country and the desired value of your Amazon Gift Card. The payment methods may also vary, so always check that the additional payment method you choose at Amazon is suitable for you.

Where can I buy an Amazon Gift Card?

You can buy an Amazon Gift Card online 24/7 at Gamecardsdirect, the one stop gift card shop! Easy, fast and secure payment 24/7.

What is an Amazon Gift Card?

An Amazon Gift Card is a gift certificate in the form of a code. You can use it to pay for (part of) your order on Amazon. Or you can add the credit to your Amazon account, in which case you can also use the 1-click payment method.

Can I use the Amazon Gift Card in the Netherlands?

The Dutch Amazon Gift Card can only be used at Do you have an account at another Amazon, like Then you need the German version. The German card can only be used at

How can I redeem an Amazon Gift Card?

To redeem your Amazon Gift Card, go to your account at Amazon. Click on "Apply a Gift Card to Your Balance", enter the code and then click on "Apply to Your Balance".

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