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  • The Biercheque: for the aficionado

    Why stressing over what to give when a gift card allows to let the receiver choose? The Biercheque is simple, versatile and perfect for the true enthusiast.

    The Biercheque: for the aficionado


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Men, this is for you: the Biercheque!

Ok, it's not just for men. The Biercheque is for all beer lovers in the Netherlands! Beer is not just an alcoholic beverage; it's an experience. With beer you connect, with beer you get to know each other and behind every beer is a unique story. Discover, experience, and taste the most delicious beers with a Beer Voucher.

The Beer Voucher is the ideal beer gift for the true beer aficionado. The receiver can choose a package, or even book a beer tasting with a Beer Voucher. Get to know the brewers, sniff out the stories behind the beers and share your experience with other beer enthusiasts. The Beer Voucher is not just a gift: you share the experience and the fun.

Buy the Beer Voucher online at Gamecardsdirect

Do you want to take the challenge and give someone a truly unique gift? Then buy your Beer Voucher online at Gamecardsdirect, the one-stop gift card shop! The Beer Voucher is easy and versatile. The beer gift card can be issued at various points, for example, local breweries such as Stadsbrouwerij De Drie Ringen in Amersfoort, Admiraliteit Dranken in Rotterdam, and Wijnhandel Slijterij Brouwer in Soest. There are also online points where you can spend your Beer Vouchers, such as,, and Start your beer journey with a Biercheque!

Giving beer as a gift: the Biercheque

Whether you are thinking of a beer gift pack, a unique beer gift, a beer basket, or have absolutely no idea what to give that beer lover: the Biercheque is the answer to all your questions. Give a unique gift with the Beer Voucher. You'll always be on the safe side!

Where to buy the online Beer Voucher?

You can buy the Beer Voucher online at Gamecardsdirect, the one-stop gift card shop!

How do I buy the online Beer Voucher?

Very simple, you buy the Beer Voucher by clicking on "Secure Order", fill in your email address, and complete the payment. You will receive the email with the Biercheque code in your mailbox within 10 minutes.

What can I do with a Biercheque?

There is so much you can do with a Biercheque, that it is impossible to summarize in 1 line. We'll try anyway: with Biercheque, you get the ultimate beer experience; from special beers to packages and tastings.

Where can I redeem the Biercheque?

The Biercheque is redeemable at countless redemption points. For a complete overview, go to

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