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  • Xbox Gift Cards

    With an Xbox Gift Card increasing your Xbox Game Store credit is quick and easy.

    Use this credit to buy the latest games, DLCs and Avatar items!

    Xbox Gift Cards

Xbox Gift Cards

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Purchase content in the Xbox Store with an Xbox card

The Xbox Gift Card is a means to add credit to your Xbox or Microsoft account. These types of gift cards are also known as Wallet Top Ups. You can use the Xbox Gift Card to make secure online purchases from the Xbox Store without linking your bank details or credit cards to your account.

You will receive this Xbox card as a digital code in your mailbox. Redeem the code directly via your Xbox console or your PC to add the credit to your eWallet. Once added to your account, your eWallet balance will be valid indefinitely.

Use your eWallet to make purchases from the Xbox Store. You can purchase games that are only available from the Store, add-ons, and demos of new games. You can also convert your Xbox Credit into in-game currencies and purchase extra content, such as a Battle Pass or V-Bucks. The possibilities are endless with your Xbox Store credit.

Battlefield 2042
f1 2021
Life is strange true colors
Aliens Fireteam elite
Far Cry 6
Guardians of the galaxy
Psyconaut 2
Stalker 2

Purchase Xbox Gift Cards online at Gamecardsdirect

Buy Xbox Gift Cards at Gamecardsdirect and receive them directly via your email. Add money to your Xbox wallet easily, safely and quickly with these Xbox Wallet Top Ups. Pay safely with Giropay and you will receive the Xbox Codes directly in your email. This way you can quickly continue playing, make in-game purchases and add the latest games to your collection.

At Gamecardsdirect you can purchase Xbox cards 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Pay with Giropay or PayPal at Gamecardsdirect, The One-Stop Gift Card Shop.

What is the difference between an Xbox Gift Card and a Microsoft Gift Card?

There is no real difference except the name. You can use an Xbox Gift Card or a Microsoft Gift Card to top up your eWallet. Once redeemed, you can use your balance to make purchases from the Microsoft Store online, on both Windows and Xbox.

Make a gamer happy: gift them an Xbox Gift Card

An Xbox Gift Card is also ideal as a gift. Give the Xbox Gift Card to someone who has an Xbox console. You can do anything with the Wallet Top Up from Xbox. Once the credit is added to the Xbox wallet it is valid indefinitely.

At Gamecardsdirect you can buy different values of Xbox Codes. You can find the following Top Ups in our webstore:

Xbox Gift card

Do you have a question about Xbox Codes? Please see our FAQ page. For a step-by-step guide to redeem your Xbox Gift Card, please see this page.

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