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    paysafe is the most ideal method of online payment without using debit or credit card credentials. With a paysafecard you can make payments at thousands of stores in a wide variety of industries, e.g. gaming, messaging, music, films and entertainment.



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What is paysafe?

Paysafe is a means of payment that you can use instead of a credit card, only with a paysafe card you can pay without the intervention of third parties and without having to reveal a lot of personal data. With paysafe, you can pay quickly, easily and above all very safely. Buy paysafe online when you opt for a fast payment solution! It is possible to pay via a digital wallet, also called 'wallet', but you can also pay directly on websites that accept paysafe as a payment method.

How does a paysafe card work?

Below you can read how a paysafe card works, such as where you can redeem your paysafe code and how you will receive your code when you buy it in our webshop.

How long is a paysafe card valid?

A paysafecard is valid for up to one month from the date of purchase, but you can extend your paysafe code. Customers who use a paysafecard prepaid code but have not created a paysafe account can have their paysafe code revalidated for an additional charge of 3 euros if it is not used up within 30 days of purchase. This 3 euros will be charged monthly until the prepaid code balance is fully spent.

Which websites accept paysafe as a payment method?

On the paysafe website, you can see where this means of payment is accepted. You can pay with paysafe at Minecraft, Steam, Xbox, Roblox and the Google Play Store, among others.
Note: the total list of websites can be found on the paysafe website after logging in with your account. This may differ per country.

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How can I check my paysafe balance?

You can check your paysafe balance in 2 different ways.

  • To check your balance, go to the paysafe website. Here you can enter the 16-digit code of the paysafe card you bought from us.
  • You can also check your balance by logging into your paysafe account.

Can you transfer paysafe funds to your bank account?

Yes, you can transfer your paysafe credit to a bank account at any time via your account with this payment method. How to do this can be found on the FAQ page on the paysafe website or click here for the relevant website page.

How will you receive your code if you buy it from us?

You will receive your new paysafe credit as a code by e-mail in your inbox. So you won't receive a physical card, but a 16-digit code via email.

Which paysafe values are available in our webshop?

You can buy 4 different paysafe values in our webshop, namely the following:

Where can I buy paysafecards online?

You can buy a paysafecard from Gamecardsdirect online by first choosing the amount for which you want to buy paysafecard prepaid. Put this product in your digital shopping basket in our webshop. Fill in some details online so we know who to send your order to. Pay with one of the many payment methods we offer in our webshop. After just a few moments, you will receive your order as a code by e-mail. By the way, you can also give another paysafe credit as a gift, indicate this in the ordering process, as we can even provide beautiful digital gift paper.

Certified Paysafecard supplier

Certified paysafecard supplier

Is Gamecardsdirect an official reseller of paysafe cards?

Yes, we are an official reseller of paysafe prepaid cards. The advantage of buying your codes from us are therefore the following: the codes you buy from us are always activated immediately and you always have a working code.

Paysafe FAQ

Paysafe is safe to use for the following reasons: Paysafe supervises a transaction from the moment you pay until the recipient receives your payment. A verification of the transaction is sent by SMS to the Paysafecard payer. Paysafe has a professional anti-fraud team that ensures that you do not have to worry about your payment with your Paysafe account. The advantage of paying online with Paysafe is that you do not have to provide any personal information. This way your privacy cannot be violated and paying with Paysafe remains 100% secure.

You can buy a Paysafecard quick and safe in our webshop. You can choose the amount that you would like to buy in Paysafe prepaid credit: €10, €25, €50 and €100. After purchase you can add the credit to your Paysafe account and you can start purchasing products and / or services. It could not be easier!

You can use Paysafecards at thousands of online shops as an accepted payment method and this number is growing rapidly, because more and more people are starting to use Paysafe as a fast and especially safe payment method.

There are different values available for your Paysafecard. At Gamecardsdirect, the following cards are available in the shop:

Paysafe €10 Paysafe €25 Paysafe €50 Paysafe €100

Buy the Paysafe card that you need and use the code to top up your Paysafe balance. After using the code, the credits are immediately added to your wallet and ready to use.

You can top up your Paysafe wallet by following these steps:

1. Log into your Paysafe account on;
2. Go to "Checkout" and then choose "Deposits / Transfer";
3. You will see the Paysafecard logo here and are able to choose the deposit option, click on this logo;
4. Choose or enter the amount and the bonus code and then click on "Deposit / Transfer";
5. Enter the 16 digits of your Paysafecard and the PIN code that you received per email and confirm this information;
6. You will now receive a confirmation of the information you entered;
7. Click on "OK". The message "Confirmation of completion of deposit" appears on your screen.

Paying with Paysafe cards is very quick and easy. All you have to do is select Paysafe as a payment method if you want to place an order online. Then enter the 16 digits of your Paysafe code to pay and you are done.
Another way is by entering your username and password, but you must first register with "My PaysafeCard". With this you can create an account where all your credit will be collected. You can then redeem your purchased Paysafe codes on this account, so that you only need to use your login name and password to make payments.

There are various services and products you can pay for with Paysafe. A few examples are:

1. Games: Final Fantasy XIV, League of Legends, Steam and PlayStation Store;
2. Social games and communities: IMVU, Yahoo! and StartMail;
3. VoIP, phone services en messaging: Skype, Ortel Mobile and ChilliTalk;
4. Internet services and travel: CloneDVD, Blazing Fast and Garden Seeds Shop;
5. Music, film and entertainment: Deezer, MyPlay and more...

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