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  • Minecraft Minecoins

    Use Minecoins to purchase skins, textures packs, maps and more exciting content and get most out of your Minecraft adventure!

    Minecraft Minecoins

Minecraft Minecoins

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Minecraft Minecoins 1720

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Delivery via email

Minecraft Minecoins 3500

€ 19,99

Are you looking for the manual of Minecoins Gift Cards? You can now find it here, by clicking on any Gift Card and selecting the tab 'Redeem Instructions'.

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What are Minecraft Minecoins?

Minecraft Minecoins, also known as a 'Minecoins gift card', allow you to buy additional content in the original Minecraft game. You can use this in-game currency for Minecraft on several platforms, namely:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows 10
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch

Buy the most fun extras in the Minecraft Marketplace, including: skin packs, mash-up packs, minigames, adventure cards, and more. In short, everything to make your Minecraft experience even greater! The Minecraft Marketplace is updated weekly with new extras you can purchase with Minecoins, so check regularly and make your gaming experience even more fun.
Minecoins cannot be used with the Java edition of Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Legends!

Minecraft devices

How can I use a Minecoins digital gift card on my console?

Minecoins digital gift cards can be used to buy great content in Minecraft's Minecraft Marketplace. You can use the account you have with your console to load your Minecraft Minecoins, which you can then eventually use in the Minecraft Marketplace to buy additional content.

What Minecraft Minecoins codes do we sell in our webshop?

In Gamecardsdirect's webshop, we sell the following values of Minecraft Minecoins codes for the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft:

In what form will you receive your Minecraft gift card when you buy from Gamecardsdirect?

When you buy Minecraft gift card from our webshop, you will receive it in the form of a digital code in the inbox of your email, so you will not receive a physical card. You can use this code on your console account, i.e. Android, iOS, Windows 10, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Minecraft devices

How can you buy Minecraft Minecoins in our webshop?

Buying Minecraft Minecoins at Gamecardsdirect is quick, easy, but above all very safe in our webshop. Choose the amount of Minecoins you want to buy and put them in your digital shopping basket. Fill in some details so we know where to send the coins. Then pay for your purchase with one of our many payment options. Within just a few moments, you will receive your order by e-mail. In the ordering process you can also choose to give Minecraft Minecoins as a gift to someone else, you will be given the option to have us wrap your coins in digital gift paper.

Minecraft FAQ

Minecraft has a basic structure, that of a scavenger hunt. While trying to build and expand your shelter, you collect items and resources to be able to attack the enemy and defend your compound. Over time, you will travel to other dimensions and complete your goals.

Minecoins are the Minecraft Marketplace's virtual currency which can be used to purchase content from the store.

At Gamecardsdirect, you can easily purchase Minecraft Minecoins for your Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon Kindle Fire TV, Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and Xbox One.

You can use Minecraft Minecoins on every device that supports Minecraft Marketplace. These are: Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon Kindle Fire TV, Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and Xbox One.

No. It is not possible to use Minecoins for the Java Edition. You will need the Windows Edition (Bedrock) to use Minecoins.

The quickest way to redeem your Minecoins Gift Card is to launch the Minecraft game, choose “Settings” from the main menu, select the “Profile” tab, choose “Sign out of your Microsoft Account” and sign in again with a Microsoft account. Follow the instructions from there.

At Gamecardsdirect, the following Minecoins are available: Minecoins Pack: 1720 Coins and Minecoins Pack: 3500 Coins.

It is very simple to purchase Minecraft Minecoins! Select the Minecoins Pack you wish to purchase, go to “Add to card” and select your preferred payment method. Fill in your name and email address and complete the payment process. Within 10 minutes, you will receive your code in your mailbox.

Go to our Minecraft page and click add to cart. Choose the payment option of your choice and fill in your email address and name. Complete the process and in no time you will have your code in your mailbox!

The Minecraft Gift Card is used to download Minecraft on your Mojang account. Use it to purchase the full Minecraft game on your PC!

With the Minecraft Gift Card you can download the Java version on your Mojang account. With the Windows Gift Card, you can top up your balance and buy the game in the Windows Store.

Go to the Minecraft website and log in with your Mojang account, select Redeem code, choose Minecraft: Java Edition, enter the code and click Redeem. Follow further instructions to complete the process and download the game.

Only the version “Minecraft” with the Better Together-update is in crossplay available. The versions Java Edition, Xbox One Edition, Nintendo Switch Edition and the PlayStation versions are not available for crossplay.

PlayStation Minecraft versions are not available for crossplay.

No, it is unfortunately not possible to play Java version of Minecraft with the Bedrock update. This is only available for the ‘normal’ Minecraft version.

Open Minecraft Launcher, click on Login at the bottom right. Select “Play Offline” and select your Minecraft server. The game will launch, and you will now be playing offline.

The system minimum requirements to play the game are: 2GB memory, Intel HD 4000 Graphics Card, Intel Core i3-3210, Windows 7 and up.

You can play the Minecraft for Mobile devices (Bedrock Edition). You can buy these with your Google Play or Apple balance.

The Minecraft: Java Edition is perfect to run on a Macbook.

Yes, you can play the Minecraft for Nintendo Switch (Bedrock Edition) with your Nintendo Switch. You can buy the game in the Nintendo eShop with your Nintendo eShop balance.

Minecraft was originally released on May 17th, 2009.

You can buy the Java Minecraft edition or the Windows Minecraft edition. Buy the game with our Java Minecraft gift card or with the Windows gift card.

Please be sure to enter the code exactly as you receive it from us, without extra spacings. You can’t redeem the gift code from Java Minecraft at the Windows Store, or vice versa. Read our manual how to redeem your Mojang or Windows gift card.

There are many different Minecraft versions out there. The difference between the Windows and the Java versions is that the Windows version with the latest updates is crossplatform, meaning that you can play on your PC and your friend can play on Xbox (with an Xbox Live subscription). With the Java edition, however, you can play the full game with mods, textures and everything else without in-game purchases.

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