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  • Transcash

    Transcash allows you to make online purchases, transfer funds and manage money. Add money to your prepaid card and pay securely online.



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TransCash 20 euro

€ 21,50
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TransCash 50 euro

€ 54,00
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TransCash 100 euro

€ 107,00
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TransCash 150 euro

€ 160,00

Buy Transcash Vouchers online for your prepaid credit card

Buy online Transcash Top Up vouchers for your prepaid credit card at Gamecardsdirect. You can pay online without the need of having a bank registered credit card. In that way, you can safely make purchases online without sharing personal information.

What is Transcash and what can I do with Transcash vouchers?

Transcash offers you the possibility to use a prepaid credit card. You can shop online with the Transcash Mastercard, without the need to use your personal bank account information. You can top up your Transcash Mastercard with one of our Transcash vouchers. Buy them online, safe and quick at Gamecardsdirect.

The Transcash prepaid voucher is ideal since you can use it to top up your digital credit card. You can add money to your TransCash Prepaid Debit Card with a TransCash code you can buy online at Gamecardsdirect.

Please note: You need a French TransCash prepaid credit card to use this code! For more information, go to

Buy Transcash vouchers online

To use the Transcash vouchers at Gamecardsdirect, you will need a Transcash Mastercard. You can then buy online Transcash vouchers at Gamecardsdirect. You will receive them in your email. The code that you receive, is the top-up code for your Transcash Mastercard. Redeem to add funds quick and easy to your prepaid MasterCard.

At Gamecardsdirect, you can choose the following values:

Pay for Transcash online with credit card or iDEAL

The Primary card is reloadable with TransCash codes from Gamecardsdirect. You can use different payment methods to buy TransCash online. You can use the Transcash Top Up voucher to add balance to your Transcash Mastercard. After you added the balance to your digital credit card, you can use the prepaid credit card to make purchases.

In order to load a Transcash voucher you must be a Transcash cardholder.
DO NOT respond to cold calls asking you to send code details
NEVER use these codes to pay fines, fees or deliveries
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