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    Use a RuneScape Card to buy weapons and trading goods to enhance your gaming experience! Become a part of this gaming community of 11.2 million members today and defeat evil together.

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Are you looking for the manual of Runescape Gift Cards? You can now find it here, by clicking on any Gift Card and selecting the tab "Redeem Instructions".

When was RuneScape introduced to the world of video games?

RuneScape was introduced in 2001, on January 4th to be exact. Since 1998, in a time when many simplified versions of this game were released, this MMORPG has undergone a major transformation. Especially the gameplay and graphics have undergone the most changes in the years that RuneScape has been running.

MMORPG is a specific genre of games, but what does it stand for?

The abbreviation of MMORPG stands for “Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game”. This genre includes all games that are played by a massive number of people on the internet, and in which role-playing elements are a very important part of the gameplay. These elements include skills, gear and combat elements.

Which developer created RuneScape?

The developer and publisher of the RuneScape franchise is Jagex Limited. If we are to believe the information released recently, we can expect that this MMORPG still has a long way to go, and there are still many updates coming. This includes a mobile version that you can sync with the desktop version of this extraordinary game.

What is the story of RuneScape?

The story of RuneScape is set on the planet Gielinor, a planet created by the Elder Gods, dominated by gods, monsters and magical forces. It is up to you to impose your will onto others and the world around you, and avoid hostility and rebellion. You will be able to accomplish this by working together with other members in one of the biggest communities in the world of online gaming.

What is the gameplay of RuneScape like?

The gameplay of this game was and still is very intuitive and particularly innovative. You can determine your level of success by communicating with other gamers, but also by trading and teaming up to battle. All in all, this is a game where working together can make a difference. This principal makes RuneScape a true social game in which strategic thinking can lead to great success.

What are the most important matters in the RuneScape universe?

Social interaction is an important matter in this game, but you also need to work on your skills, gear and combat techniques. These are elements that make RuneScape a true MMORPG.

What are the benefits of using RuneScape Cards?

You can get many benefits from buying in-game credits with RuneScape Cards from Gamecardsdirect. Acquire weapons, bonds and trading goods to enhance your RuneScape experience. With these cards you can also purchase a new or extend an expiring membership. In short, if you buy cards from us, you can get more out of this game than you ever thought possible. Become a part of this gaming community of 11.2 million members and defeat evil together.

Which RuneScape Cards do we sell in the webshop of Gamecardsdirect?

You can buy two types of game cards for your Dutch RuneScape account, namely for €7,50 and €20. Choose the amount that you would like to purchase and start buying in-game extras!

How do I buy a RuneScape Card from Gamecardsdirect?

Buying a RuneScape Card from Gamecardsdirect is easy, fast and safe. Select the card with the amount you would like to buy and add it to your shopping basket. Enter the required details, pay for your order and you will find the activation code in your inbox within no time. It is that easy with Gamecardsdirect!

Runescape FAQ

RuneScape is a 3D MMORPG-game, developed by Jagex Ltd in 2001. The game can be played in two different ways: Pay-to-Play (P2P) and Free-to-Play (F2P). RuneScape was created out of its predecessor DeviousMUD. The game is played by approximately 12 million F2P- and P2P-players worldwide.
At first, RuneScape was released under the name DeviousMUD. The game was developed by Andrew Gower. In 1999 the game was remastered. The first playable version of RuneScape, called ‘RuneScape Classic’ was released at the beginning of 2001. Since 2005 RuneScape was only available for gamers who paid to play this game.
In 2002 RuneScape 2 was released. This version of the game had more elaborate game options. This version was expanded with a Player Own Houses option, among other features. In 2008 RuneScape HD was launched by game developer Jagex; the graphics of this game were improved tremendously.
In 2013 RuneScape 3 got its release. This version was well-equipped with better gameplay, innovative content, improved visuals and upgraded with better audio and visual effects and also new technological gadgets.

RuneScape is often compared to popular games such as: World of Warcraft, EverQuest and Guild Wars.
RuneScape takes place on the planet Gielinor: a planet dominated by gods, monsters, bizarre creatures and magical powers. The goal of the game is to collect XP points by using several options which result into different skill levels.
Since 2008 additional game worlds were introduced by Jagex. These worlds can be used by gamers as battlegrounds. Besides (group) battles players can also go on quests and execute tasks. Tasks can be executed in famous worlds like: Lumbridge, Ardougne, Varrock, Karamja and Falador. Moreover, players can participate in several ‘activities’ such as: Barbarian Assault, Brimhaven Agility Arena, Castle Wars, Fishing Trawler and more…
RuneScape is an all-round browser game which can be played with almost any device which has access to the internet. Do you like RPG-games, than RuneScape is a must have!

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