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    Apex Legends Coins

Apex Legends Coins

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Apex Legends 1000 Apex Coins

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Apex Legends – what kind of game is it?

Apex Legends is a free battle royale game that immediately garnered 25 million players in its first week of launch without marketing gimmicks. The game was released by Respawn Entertainment, the creators of the Titanfall franchise, and published by Electronic Arts. The Apex Legends story is new, but it is set in the same universe, 30 years after the events of Titanfall 2. In Apex Legends, you can choose from multiple playable characters called Legends, each with their own set of abilities.

Apex Coins – what are they?

Apex Coins, the in-game currency of Apex Legends, can be purchased to purchase cool items, unlock new Legends, or open Apex Packs. An Apex Pack is a loot box containing three random cosmetic goodies, such as a skin for a Legend. Apex Coins are also the only payment method to purchase a Battle Pass. 

Buy Apex Legends Coins by clicking on the buttons below. We offer in-game credits for PlayStation, Xbox and Origin.

Did you know that?

You can use PlayStation, Origin or Xbox credit to buy Apex Coins? That way you can get the best skins and characters!

Apex Legends – the next step in the Battle Royale evolution

EA has joined forces with Respawn Entertainment to bring out a free Battle Royale game called Apex Legends. Without any marketing strategies before the release, the game managed to get no less than 25 million unique players in the first week! That already says a lot about the game, and the gaming community has confirmed that Apex Legends is a very entertaining and challenging Battle Royale game.

Meet the Legends

Most of you are probably familiar with the Battle Royale gameplay, but Apex Legends knew how to add something extra to the game to distinguish itself from others. Explore a growing roster of culturally diverse Legends, each with their own unique personalities, strengths, and abilities. They are divided into Offense, Defense, Support and Recon classes. But you will have to train each class, as you do not always have the first pick when it comes to Legends!

Have more fun with Apex Coins

The pro of a free game is that you can easily support the creators and further game developments in a fun way by purchasing in-game credits. This way you can get cosmetic items, unlock a new Legend or buy Apex Packs. There are 3 random goodies in each Apex Pack, like a skin for your character or weapon. You can earn Apex Coins by playing the game, but it is much easier and quicker to purchase these whenever it suits you.

Buy Apex Legends on Xbox, PlayStation and Origin

Did you decide to purchase Apex Coins and make Apex Legends even more fun? You can easily buy Apex Coins in the Xbox Games Store, PlayStation Store and Origin Store. All you have to do is purchase wallet top-ups for your Xbox, PlayStation or Origin account using a game card! Activate your code(s) to add credit to your wallet and purchase Apex Coins. The following table shows you how much credit you need for Apex Coins. Do you want to play Apex Legends on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4? Then you need will need an Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus subscription.

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