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    Buy new games, movies, music, and more from the PlayStation Store with a PlayStation Network Card !

    PlayStation Network Cards

PlayStation Network Cards

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PlayStation Network Card €25

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PlayStation Network Card €50

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PlayStation Network Card €100

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Are you looking for the manual of PSN Gift Cards? You can now find it here, by clicking on any Gift Card and selecting the tab 'Redeem Instructions'.

What are PlayStation Network Cards?

A PlayStation Network Card, also known as a 'PSN Card' or 'PSN Code', is a gift card that you can use for a variety of purposes to get even more out of your PlayStation console. For example, you can top up your PlayStation Wallet, which means you can add credit to your PlayStation account to purchase games or add-ons at a later date, as well as in-game currency to purchase in-game content. You can also use it to purchase a PlayStation Plus subscription, also known as 'PS Plus', so you can start playing online games on your PlayStation. With a PlayStation Plus subscription, by the way, you can also download free games every month, so you always have something new to play. In short, there are plenty of options you can take advantage of when you buy a PlayStation Network Code. Paying using a PlayStation Network Card is secure because you don't need to enter any personal details.

Do PlayStation Network Cards vary by country?

PlayStation Network Cards are region-specific, meaning you can only use a Dutch PSN card in the Netherlands. So choose the card that belongs to the country where your PlayStation console is registered. If you need a code for a different country, please choose a different country flag at the top of this page so you can buy the PSN Code that belongs to your country.

How can I use a PSN Gift Card on my PlayStation console?

You can do this in several ways: by redeeming your PSN Gift Cards on your account, which will add your credit for later use, or you can use the code during the payment process of a particular digital product to purchase something directly. See redemption instructions at the value of your choice.

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Which PlayStation Gift Cards do we sell in our webshop?

In Gamecardsdirect's webshop, we sell PlayStation Gift Cards online with different values, these are shown below:

We are proud to mention, that we are an official retailer of Sony PlayStation digital products, so buying from us is always quick, easy and very safe no matter what.

How will I receive my PSN gift card from Gamecardsdirect?

When you buy a PSN gift card online from Gamecardsdirect, it will be sent to you by email in the form of a numerical code that you can use via your PlayStation account or directly at the PlayStation Store. So you will not be sent any physical PlayStation Store Cards.

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How do I buy a PlayStation Gift Code in this shop?

Buying a PlayStation Gift Code online at Gamecardsdirect is quick, easy and, most importantly, secure. Choose the amount you want to buy PSN Codes for and put them in your digital basket. Fill in some details and then pay for your purchase in our payment module. Choose one of the many payment methods we offer and just a few moments after your payment, you will receive your order by e-mail, so you can get started right away, day or night. At Gamecardsdirect, you can even choose to give a gift card to someone else as a present. You can easily tick this box during the ordering process, so you can choose beautiful digital gift paper for your present yourself.


With a PlayStation Network Card you can easily top up your PlayStation credit without a credit card. Buy games, music, apps, in-game credits or a PlayStation Now subscription with a PlayStation Network Card.

No. A PlayStation Network Card is region bound. So you can only use the PSN Card if the locale of your account matches the country to which the PSN Card is bound.

If you have purchased a wrong PSN Card, please contact our customer service. They can deactivate the code for you (if unused) and give you a refund.

You can of course purchase PSN Cards via Gamecardsdirect. Via the menu Gift Cards you can go to the Playstation Network Cards overview. Choose the card you need and complete your order :)

At Gamecardsdirect we have the following values: 10 euro, 20 euro and 50 euro.

A PSN Card is expires 1 year after purchase.

Sometimes it is not possible to redeem your code via your console when PlayStation servers are overcrowded. Try to exchange your code via the PC when that is the case. Is it still not working? Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support.

Don't worry, just contact us;) Our Customer Support staff can help you by re-sending the code.

Yes you can! You can just keep adding credit to your account’s balance. PSN Card credits stack, so redeem as much codes as you need.

Yes. Top up your credit with the PSN Card first and then purchase the V-bucks bundle you want through Fortnite. View our Manuals page for more info.

We have created a nice manual that explains step by step how to purchase V-bucks if you have a PSN Card. Read it all on our Manuals page.

You can read that in detail in our COD Points manual that we have made for you. Pretty convenient, right?

Have you never used a PSN Card? For the rookies among us, we have a quick guide to redeem your PSN Card. Read all about it on our Manuals page.

Once the payment is completed, our Game Monkeys will send you the code. You will receive the code in your mailbox.

Of course you want to get started right away. And you’re pretty bummed out if the code is not right there in your inbox! Check your spam of unwanted folder. Otherwise, feel free to contact us.

You will receive your code as soon as the payment is completed. Our Game Monkeys work hard to send you your code immediately. For credit card and PayPal payments it takes a little longer due to the two-step verification, read our terms and conditions.

Go to!/error-code/ and enter the code. This helps you figure out what the error code is.

We understand. You were so enthusiastic to buy your favourite game that you accidentally bought the wrong PSN Card. Fortunately, we can solve this for you. Please contact our Customer Support.

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