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    With NCoins you can make in-game purchases at various NCSoft games such as Blade&Soul. Get your NCoins now at Gamecardsdirect.



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NCoin 400

€ 5,45
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NCoin 800

€ 10,00
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NCoin 1600

€ 20,00
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NCoin 4000

€ 50,00
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NCoin 8000

€ 100,00

What is an NCoin Card?

With an NCoin Card, you can purchase in-game currencies in three different games created by NCSoft: Aion, Lineage II and Blade & Soul. You don’t need to link your bank or credit card details to your NCSoft account when using an NCoin Card. Using the prepaid card is really simple, quick and safe! When you purchase an NCoin Card from Gamecardsdirect, you can start spending your new credit on fun content for your favourite games in just a few minutes. You can buy the following NCoin Cards in our webshop:

  • NCoin 400
  • NCoin 800
  • NCoin 1600
  • NCoin 4000
  • NCoin 8000

What can I do with NCoins?

You can use NCoins to purchase in-game content for the following 3 games:

  • Aion – an MMORPG with many solo adventures, intriguing group quests, challenging dungeons and epic battles. In this game, your NCoins will be exchanged for Black Cloud Coins, with which you can buy fun items like pets, skins, cabinets for extra storage, tools and so much more.
  • Lineage II – an expansive MMORPG in which you, a mighty warrior, will determine the fate of the realm of Aden. With NCoins, you can purchase various items in the Galleria to make the most of your Lineage II experience. Think of armour, health potions and Prestige Packs (for those who like to get even more goodies).
  • Blade & Soul – an adventure game in which martial arts and mythology come together. In Blade & Soul, you can buy several useful items in the Hongmoon Store or raise your experience to the next level with a Prepaid Premium Membership. You can easily activate a subscription with NCoins!

How do I activate my NCoin Card?

Activating an NCoin Card is really straightforward! You only have to follow these next steps and you can get started with your in-game credits right away:

  1. Go to the NCSoft website to log in, or click on this link to create a new NC Account;
  2. You will be redirected to your account page. Below My Account, click on Apply a code;
  3. Enter the unique redeem code you received per email underneath Serial Code, Game Card or Game Time Card;
  4. Click on Activate as soon as you have entered your code correctly;
  5. The code will now be added to the NCoin tab. Click on APPLY and you’re done!
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