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  • Apple Gift Cards

    The Apple Gift Card can be used to purchase products, accessories, apps, games, music, films, TV shows, iCloud+ and more in the app, online and in the Apple Store. This gift card is a great deal.

    Apple Gift Cards

Apple Gift Cards

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How do I buy an Apple Gift Card at Gamecardsdirect?

Buying an Apple Gift Card at Gamecardsdirect is easy, quick, and safe; just follow the steps below:

  1. Choose the Apple Gift Card you want to buy, and put the product in your online shopping cart. Next, click on the button “Pay Securely”;
  2. Fill out some personal information, so that we know where to send the gift card code to;
  3. Choose one of the many payment options we offer;
  4. Within seconds you receive the code you have ordered in the inbox of your e-mail.

How can I redeem my Apple Gift card credit?

You can redeem your Apple Gift Card credit by following the steps under the tab “Instuctions”. Next, you can put all the digital Apple products you want to buy, in your shopping bag on an official Apple webshop. During the payment process you will be asked whether you want to pay with your Apple credit.

In an Apple Store you can pay with your Apple Gift Card code by presenting it at the cash register.

How long does an Apple Gift Card code remain valid?

An Apple Gift Card code does not expire, there is no time limit.

Give an Apple Gift Card as a gift!

An Apple Code is also ideal as a gift. Give the Apple Gift Card as a gift to someone who regularly buys from the App Store. You can go in all directions with the Wallet Top Up from Apple.


How can I check my credit at Apple?

You can check your Apple credit by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the App Store, and click the following link:;
  2. Login with your Apple-ID (username and password);
  3. In the right-hand top corner you can see the Apple credit you have.

iTunes FAQ

With an iTunes prepaid card you can upgrade the credit you have on your iTunes account. iTunes cards are available in different values in our web shop.
Beware!: iTunes are available in our web shop for a multitude of different companies. Do you have a Dutch iTunes account, than you need to buy a Dutch iTunes code. Do you have an account from another country, than make sure to buy a card which belongs to that specific country.

Immediately after paying for your order you will get your digital iTunes code by e-mail. With this code you can boost your iTunes account with a certain amount of credits. With the added credit you can immediately start purchasing products online in the iTunes Store. Buy new music, download new movies and series, install apps, read iBooks, buy new content and more…

iTunes prepaid codes you can buy quick, cheap and reliable in our web shop! Our web shop is open 24/7, so you can add credit to your iTunes account whenever you feel like it without any hassle. Immediately after finishing your order you get your iTunes code by e-mail. Afterwards you can immediately exchange your credit on your iTunes account. With the added credit you can immediately start purchasing products in the App or iTunes stores.

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