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  • Diablo IV Platinum

    Use Platinum in Diablo IV to purchase in-game items like skins and mounts or purchase a Battle Pass to bring your game to the next level!

    Diablo IV Platinum

Diablo IV Platinum

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Diablo IV 500 Platinum Credits - Xbox

€ 4,99
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Diablo IV 1000 Platinum Credits - Xbox

€ 9,99
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Diablo IV 2800 Platinum Credits - Xbox

€ 24,99
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Diablo IV 5700 Platinum Credits - Xbox

€ 49,99
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Diablo IV 11500 Platinum Credits - Xbox

€ 99,99

What is Diablo 4 Platinum?

Diablo 4 Platinum is in-game money that you can use to purchase various items in the game Diablo IV, including on Xbox. With Platinum you can buy items, such as exclusive, cosmetic items (e.g. skins), as well as weapons and other items to make this game even more challenging. In addition, Platinum allows you to purchase the Diablo 4 Battle Pass, which is required to play the game online in co-op and PvP mode. Diablo IV Platinum is purchased with regular money. You can split your Diablo IV Platinum across multiple gaming platforms that this game is playable on.
You will need the Diablo IV base game to play. For more information, visit® account required. Internet connection required.

How can I use my Diablo IV Platinum?

You can use your Diablo IV Platinum to purchase various in-game items in the video game 'Diablo IV', but you can also use your Platinum to purchase a Battle Pass for Diablo IV, this Battle Pass you need to play the game a.o. the multiplayer mode.

What type of Diablo IV Platinum Credit for Xbox do we offer at Gamecardsdirect?

At Gamecardsdirect, we offer multiple numbers of the Diablo IV Platinum Credit for Xbox, namely the following:

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How can you buy Diablo IV Platinum for Xbox at Gamecardsdirect?

You can buy Diablo IV Platinum for Xbox very quickly, easily and above all very safely at Gamecardsdirect. Decide how much Diablo IV Platinum you want to buy and put this product in your digital shopping basket in our webshop. Click 'Next' and you will see that you have to fill in some details so that we know where to send your order. You will receive your order a few minutes after you have paid with one of the many international payment options we offer. By the way, you can also have your order sent to someone else as a gift.

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