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    Gain access to the online multiplater server, play Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and discover the realm of Eorzea with a time card!

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Final Fantasy Time Cards

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FFXIV Online Time Card 60 days

€ 25,98

What is Final Fantasy XIV?

Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), the fourteenth main instalment in the Final Fantasy franchise. You can explore the realm of Eorzea by yourself or with your friends. Summoned by the Mothercrystal, the source of all life, you begin a quest to free the realm of eternal darkness. You choose a character from 8 different races and customise it to your liking. Join over 40 million other players in Final Fantasy XIV and save Eorzea!

What is the difference between A Realm Reborn, Endwalker and other subtitles for FFXIV?

The world of Final Fantasy XIV is constantly growing and expanding, and the story progresses with each expansion. A Realm Reborn is the title the game had at launch in 2013, when it replaced an older version that had very little success. So far these are the expansions released and their titles:

  • A Realm Reborn (2013): the initial state of the game when it was relaunched.
  • Heavensward (2015): about the Dragonsong War
  • Stormblood (2017): rebellion of Ala Mhigo and Doma
  • Shadowbringers (2019): Warriors of Darkness cycle
  • Endwalker (2021): the conclusion to the Hydaelyn–Zodiark arc, the story that began in A Realm Reborn

In 2024 it is scheduled the launch of another expansion, titled Dawntrail, which will begin a whole new story arc.

What is a Final Fantasy XIV Time Card?

A Final Fantasy XIV Time Card gives you for a limited number of days access to the online server of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Please note that the game itself is not included with this Time Card.

How do I buy a FFXIV Time Card?

Purchasing game time cards can be done in our webshop in an easy and quick manner. Ordering is dead easy and goes as follows:

  1. Add the time card to your shopping basket;
  2. Select a payment option you would like to use to pay for your product;
  3. Enter your personal details and accept the terms and conditions;
  4. After completing the payment, your FFXIV Time Card will be sent to your email address immediately. You are now ready to exchange this card for access to the online server!

Final Fantasy XIV FAQ

Final Fantasy XIV Timecards are prepaid cards to activate your subscription at FFXIV. The prepaid card gives you 60 days of game time. The game is not included.

FINAL FANTASY XIV is a subscription game and you will be required to pay a monthly subscription as well as purchasing the game in order to play.

Visit the the Mog Station at, Log in with the SQUARE ENIX Account that you use to play FINAL FANTASY XIV. Select “Manage Service Options” on the selected service account. Select the “Add Game Time Card” button. Follow the instructions from there.

Right now, the only Timecards available for FFXIV is the 60 days subscription card.

To purchase a Final Fantasy XIV, select the product and click the ‘add to card’ button. Continue to the checkout and fill in your name and email address. After completing the payment, you will receive the code in your mailbox.

As soon as we receive your payment, the code will be automatically sent to you!

This is a digital item that will be sent to you via email. You will be able to apply the Game Time code to your FINAL FANTASY XIV account immediately on receipt of the code.

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