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    You can get almost anything from, like electronics, toys and other supplies. Do you want to give someone a gift, but you have no idea what to get? Then the Gift Card is the solution! Gift Card Gift Cards

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€ 100,00 Gift Card – what is it?

With a Gift Card, you can take a certain amount off the total price when making a purchase on the webshop. used to be known as an online reseller of second hand books. Since then, this webshop has exploded in popularity and has expanded its range immensely. Nowadays, is one of the largest webshop in the Netherlands, where you can buy not only books, but also computers, electronics, toys and more. Would you like to buy a gift for someone, but do not know what to get? With a Gift Card, the lucky receiver can choose to purchase anything on for a reduced price!

Which values of the Gift Cards can I purchase in your webshop?

At Gamecardsdirect you can get several Gift Cards in different values:

How can I purchase a Gift Card from Gamecardsdirect? Gift Cards can be purchased in our webshop in a safe, affordable and quick manner. The big advantage of making purchases in our webshop is that we are open 24/7. You do not even need to leave your couch to order a Gift Card! Select a Gift Card and add it to your shopping basket, enter your name and email address, select a payment method and the gift card will be sent to you right after successful payment! Gift Card – how do I redeem a code?

Redeeming the activation code of a Gift Card is really easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Place an order on;
  2. Head over to the check-out page and enter your code under ‘Code invoeren’;
  3. Is there a pin code on the gift card? Then enter this pin code as well;
  4. Complete the order. You can pay for the remaining costs with another payment method if necessary.
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