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    With BlaBlaCar Bus you can travel inexpensively with the bus through [the Netherlands/Germany] and Europe from €5 with free wifi and power outlets.

    BlaBlaCar Bus


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BlaBlaCar Bus (Used to be Ouibus) is a bus transportation system that takes you to various locations around France and the rest of Europe like London, Milan, Amsterdam and more for a small price. There are over 1000 routes available for you to choose from. Start your journey in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, UK, Switzerland, Luxembourg or Austria! Your next travel can be booked ahead via the BlaBlaCar Bus website and paid for using a BlaBlaCar Bus Gift Card.

What are BlaBlaCar Bus Gift Cards?

With a BlaBlaCar Bus Gift Card, you can easily purchase a BlaBlaCar Bus ticket for your next destination. The money of the digital card can be redeemed when purchasing your ticket. BlaBlaCar Bus Gift Cards also make great gifts! Do you know someone who loves to travel around Europe or is planning an upcoming trip? Surprise him/her with a BlaBlaCar Bus Gift Card for safe and comfortable travels. You can buy the following BlaBlaCar Bus Gift Cards from Gamecardsdirect:

  • BlaBlaCar Bus Gift Card €15;
  • BlaBlaCar Bus Gift Card €25;
  • BlaBlaCar Bus Gift Card €50.

What are the benefits of using BlaBlaCar Bus ?

Travelling with BlaBlaCar Bus is easy, comfortable and affordable. But there are even more advantages of using BlaBlaCar Bus for your travels around France. BlaBlaCar Bus offers the following benefits:


  • Direct connection to public transport from the city centre;
  • Free wifi, anywhere!;
  • Adjustable seats so you and your legs are comfortable;
  • Plugs, perfect for charging your phone or laptop.

Furthermore, you can bring 2 larger suitcases and 2 small handbags to take with you in the bus. BlaBlaCar Bus also offers great accessibility for young children, the elderly and mobility-impaired passengers!

How do I purchase a BlaBlaCar Bus Gift Card from Gamecardsdirect?

Purchasing a BlaBlaCar Bus Gift Card is really easy in our webshop. Just add the desired gift card to your shopping basket and head over to the check-out page. Here you can enter your name and email address so we know where to send the code to. Select one of our many payment methods and complete the order. The email containing the redeem code will be sent to you as soon as the payment has been successful!

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