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  • Neosurf cards

    Neosurf is an innovative online payment method that allows you to purchase securely from affiliated gaming and entertainment sites worldwide!

    Neosurf cards

Neosurf Cards

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Neosurf card €5

€ 5,00
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Neosurf Card €10

€ 10,00
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Neosurf Card €15

€ 15,00
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Neosurf Card €20

€ 20,00
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Neosurf Card €30

€ 30,00
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Neosurf Card €50

€ 50,00
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Neosurf Card €100

€ 100,00

What is Neosurf?

Neosurf is an innovative online payment method with which you can make online purchases safely. Neosurf can best be compared to a digital credit card and is as easy to use as cash. Neosurf is seen by many as the ideal way to make online payments at game and entertainment sites. You can buy Neosurf vouchers with cash, or via online payment. You can then use this code to buy products and services via the Internet at more than 20,000 webshops.

How can I use a Neosurf card as a means of payment?

Neosurf is simple and practical! To use a Neosurf card as a means of payment, follow these instructions:

  • Purchase a Neosurf prepaid card through our online store;
  • Receive the 10-digit Neosurf Code by mail;
  • Go to the webshop where you want to spend the Neosurf credit, choose the payment method Neosurf and then enter the 10-digit Neosurf top-up code;
  • The remaining balance that may remain after the purchase can be transferred to another Neosurf Card. The maximum amount that can be transferred is € 250,-.

Where can you pay with Neosurf?

Click here and take a look at the overview of webshops where you can pay with Neosurf.

How can I buy a Neosurf prepaid code?

Neosurf cards can be purchased quickly and reliably at Gamecardsdirect! Our online shop is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can buy your Neosurf credit whenever it suits you. Ordering is done from the comfort of your own home over the internet! At Gamecardsdirect you can purchase Neosurf Cards worth €10, €20 and €50. Ordering online is easy. Follow the steps below and the Neosurf Code will be in your mailbox in no time:

  • Put the Neosurf Card of 10, 20 or 50 euro in your shopping cart;
  • Enter your details;
  • Choose a payment method from the overview of payment methods;
  • Pay the Neosurf Card;

The Neosurf top-up code will be sent to you directly by email!

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