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  • Roblox Game Cards

    With Robux, you can purchase additional content in your favorite games and new items for your avatar!

    Roblox Game Cards

Roblox Game Cards

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Roblox €10 Gamecard

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Roblox €20 Gamecard

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Roblox €50 Gamecard

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What is Roblox?

Roblox is the largest user-generated online gaming platform created just for kids! This app contains over 15 million games that were created by users within the Roblox guidelines. Young gamers cannot only have a good time playing Roblox games, but they can also learn and become virtual explorers. They can even join the Roblox community and become game creators themselves using the free and immersive creation engine in Roblox.

Which games can you play in Roblox?

Since Roblox is a game with lots of games inside, there are many game genres to try out. The most popular genres are adventure, building, (play) fighting, RPG, sci-fi and sports games. The most popular game is called MeepCity, which has over 2 billion visitors! MeepCity is a social role-playing game set in a dainty town. Players can create an avatar, walk around town, drive their car, decorate their own house and even attend school.

Is Roblox safe for my child to play?

Yes, Roblox is a game designed for young children and teens. They can explore, create, learn and make friends in Roblox. Once you add someone by sending a friend request, you can chat, create a friend group and play games together. Roblox makes sure that the date of birth entered when creating an account activates various security measures that protect the player. Inappropriate chatting and sharing personal information is restricted regardless of age, and sharing links to social platforms can only be done by players age 13 and over. Roblox is a great environment for your child to experience digital socialising for the first time.

What are Roblox credits?

Roblox credits can be used to purchase Robux and Builders Club memberships in the game Roblox. Robux are the in-game currencies used in Roblox to make purchases, varying from upgrades for your avatar to special abilities you can use in games. Builders Club (BC) is a premium membership with which your child gets extra privileges on Roblox, like daily Robux stipends and more customisation options. With a Roblox Game Card, you can easily increase your account balance with Roblox credits and choose to purchase either Robux or a Builders Club subscription.

How many Roblox credits can I purchase at Gamecardsdirect?

At Gamecardsdirect, you can purchase a Roblox Game Card of €10 and €20. These cards can be redeemed for Roblox credits worth 10 or 20 euro that can then be used to purchase Robux or Builders Club memberships.

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