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  • Nintendo eShop Cards

    With a Nintendo eShop Card you can easily add credit to your eWallet and buy the best games!

    Nintendo eShop Cards
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Nintendo eShop Cards

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Nintendo eShop Card €100

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What is a Nintendo eShop Card?

A Nintendo eShop Card is best described as a prepaid card that you can use to top up your Nintendo eWallet. With the new credit, you can purchase content for your 2DS, 3DS or Switch from the Nintendo eShop. You can also use it to buy full games such as Pokemon Sword, Pokemon Shield, Super Smash Bros. or other Switch games or Switch apps. We sell three versions of both the Belgian and Dutch Nintendo eShop Card.

These Nintendo eShop Cards are only redeemable for Dutch accounts. Please check our Belgian Nintendo eShop Cards if you have a Belgian account.

For which Nintendo consoles can you use the Nintendo eShop Cards?

You can use the Nintendo eShop Cards for the following consoles:

  • Nintendo 2DS;
  • Nintendo 3DS;
  • Nintendo Switch;
  • Wii U.

View our Nintendo Game collection here.

Use a Nintendo eShop Card for special offers in Nintendo eShop

Other than games, there are more products in the Nintendo eShop that you can buy using your Nintendo eShop Card balance. Use your Top-Up Code on your Nintendo account and buy various different digital products in Nintendo eShop. Nintendo eShop also sells fun merchandise such as swimming trunks, t-shirts and even dresses with cool patterns from all the released Nintendo games and characters. Wear a cute Princess Peach pyjamas or cool Link jacket. If you like art and books, check out The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts hardcover book. This book contains all kinds of beautiful illustrations and character designs from the game The Legend of Zelda.

So keep an eye on the Nintendo eShop for special offers or check our social media for the latest news, we'll keep it up to date, too.

Set up a Nintendo account suited for children

You can set up a child account via Account Settings. This way, your children are not able to make unwanted purchases and you can keep them safe from playing games that are less suitable for younger viewers. In general, almost all Nintendo exclusive games are suitable for children. However, if you have any doubts, simply follow the age indication (PEGI) shown on the left-side at the bottom of the game’s cover image.

Do you want to know more about our Nintendo eShop Cards?

If you have further questions about our Nintendo eShop Card products, please check our FAQ. If you wish to activate or redeem your Nintendo eShop Code, please make sure to check our step-by-step manual.

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