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    With a Crunchyroll Gift Card, you can easily purchase a Premium subscription and get access to every anime, manga en J-drama series, ad-free!

    Crunchyroll Premium<br> Gift Cards

Crunchyroll Premium

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Crunchyroll Premium 1 month

€ 4,99
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Crunchyroll Premium 3 months

€ 13,99
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Crunchyroll Premium 12 months

€ 39,99

Are you looking for the manual of Crunchyroll Gift Cards? You can now find it here, by clicking on any Gift Card and selecting the tab "Redeem Instructions".

Pay your Crunchyroll subscription with a Crunchyroll Gift Card

Are you tired of endless commercials and ads interrupting your anime time? We get it, it can be really annoying. But there is a solution! With a Premium subscription on Crunchyroll, you do not have to worry about advertisements ever again. And in addition, there are several more advantages that make Crunchyroll Premium totally worth it:

  • Unlimited access to content on Crunchyroll;
  • New Anime episodes are available within only 1 hour after release in Japan with English subtitles;
  • Watch all episodes in high quality;
  • Read hundreds of chapters across dozens of Manga titles;
  • Save with exclusive Crunchyroll Store discounts.

The Crunchyroll gift card is a means to pay for your Crunchyroll subscription, without having the need of linking your credit card, PayPal, or bank account. Pay safely and easily, and without automatic renewal.

You will receive the Crunchyroll gift card code in your mailbox. Use the code to Top Up your account’s balance. Once redeemed, the credit will not expire.

Please note that Crunchyroll Gift Cards are country specific. You will need a US Crunchyroll Gift Card when you have an American account, and so on.


Watch Anime on Crunchyroll, without commercials!

With a subscription, you can watch Anime and read Manga without commercials. Stream on your desktop, mobile, gaming console or other streaming devices. The subscription starts at 4.99 euro per month. For more benefits, you can upgrade your subscription from FAN, to MEGA FAN 1-Month or MEGA FAN 12-Month.

Please note that the Crunchyroll Gift Cards are for US or for Dutch accounts only. Check the product description before purchasing. Video content may vary by country.

Give Crunchyroll Gift Card as a gift to a friend!

A Crunchyroll Gift Card also makes an ideal gift. Give the Crunchyroll card to someone who loves Anime and Manga, a real Anime-Otaku! The Crunchyroll Wallet Top Up can be used in any way you like. Once added to the wallet, the credit is valid indefinitely.


Different Crunchyroll Gift Card values

At Gamecardsdirect, you can purchase different values of Crunchyroll prepaid subscriptions. You can find the following Gift Cards in our webstore:

Do you have questions about our Crunchyroll Gift Cards? Check out our FAQ page. For a step-by-step guide to redeeming your Crunchyroll Code easily, check out this page.

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