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  • Free PlayStation Plus games

    These are the new PS Plus games! Get your PS Plus subscription here and download the free games

    Free PlayStation Plus games

PlayStation Plus

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PlayStation Plus 3 months

€ 24,99
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PlayStation Plus 12 months

€ 59,99

Unlimited gaming with your PlayStation Plus subscription!

Become a PSN Plus member and enjoy many exclusive benefits including early access to demos and beta versions of games, exclusive discounts in the PlayStation Store and 2 free games to play every month!

A PlayStation Plus membership gives you access to the Sony PlayStation online network with aforementioned perks. To play online you need an active PSN Plus subscription and your PlayStation console. There are many benefits that come with your PS Plus online subscription. Make the most of your game time with a PlayStation Plus membership. So start gaming!

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Order PlayStation Plus membership online

You can choose from 2 different PSN Plus memberships at Gamecardsdirect. Choose the subscription that suits you best! Choose the PlayStation Plus Code of your choice:

If you choose the 3-month PSN Plus membership you will get a total of 6 free games, 3 months of discount on the PS Store and 3 months of early access to the latest games. A 12-month PS Plus membership gives you a total of 14 free games, a full year of exclusive discounts on purchases in the PS Store and early access to demos and the latest games.

The benefits of a PlayStation Plus prepaid subscription

As you can see, there are many benefits to having a PS Plus subscription, popularly known as PSN Plus. The most convenient about PS Plus Codes is that you are not locked into a subscription that automatically renews! Once you've entered the code, your PS Plus period starts and stops automatically when the card's time expires. Easy, right? This way you are always in control of your subscriptions. If you enter more than one code in a row, the time will simply be added together and extends your PSN Plus subscription period.

For more information on PS Plus, check out our FAQ page for answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you need help redeeming your PS Plus code, check out our guide.

Every month, PS Plus subscribers will receive 2 free games! So don't pay too much for every separate game and buy a PlayStation Plus subscription. Check out our social media, as we'll keep you updated on the free PSN Plus games of the month!

Gift someone else a PlayStation Plus subscription!

A PS Plus Card is perfect as a gift for your gamer friend! As you can see, there are many benefits to a PS Plus subscription. When you enter multiple codes in a row, the time periods simply add up to extend your PS4 Plus subscription.

Note that PS Plus is required to play multiplayer games. With PS Plus, you can team up with players all over the world and play popular games like Grand Theft Auto, FIFA and Call of Duty.

Keep an eye on our website and social media for PlayStation Plus offers and discounts!

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