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    Wear the coolest skins and open even more Apex Packs with Apex Coins in the free Battle Royale game: Apex Legends!

    Apex Legends Coins

Apex Legends Coins Xbox

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Are you already playing Apex Legends?

You must have heard about Apex Legends, a free Battle Royale game that received over 25 million players in the first week of the launch. Apex Legends was developed by Respawn Entertainment, the company that also released the Titanfall games. Apex Legends / takes place in the same universe, but introduces a completely new game style and story. This Battle Royale game distinguishes itself from others in this genre by introducing Legends. Instead of fully customising your own character, you can now choose from several Legends. These each have their own skills and traits that strengthen the team. You can choose from Offense, Defense, Support and Recon.

Have more fun with Apex Coins

Apex Coins, the in-game currency in Apex Legends, can be collected or purchased and spent on new Legends, cosmetic items or Apex Packs. An Apex Pack is a loot box that contains 3 random items to, for example, customise your Legend or weapon with a skin. Did you know that you can also buy a Battle Pass? This can only be purchased with Apex Coins. Read more about the Battle Pass here. Buy the best items in Apex Legends by simply adding Xbox credit to your account and exchanging it for Apex Coins!

Get Apex Coins for Apex Legends right away

Would you like to join the action and purchase Apex Coins as quick as you can? Then you can do so in two ways. Follow the steps below and you will have Apex Coins to spend in no-time:

Buy Apex Coins in the Microsoft Store / Xbox Games Store

  1. Add the Xbox Gift Card(s) to your shopping cart;
  2. Select a payment method and complete the order. The code will be sent to your email address right away;
  3. Go to the Microsoft Store or turn on your Xbox and open the Games Store;
  4. Redeem your code to add credit to your account. Would you like some help with this? Then read our guide here;
  5. Search for the number of Apex Coins you would like and purchase them;
  6. Start Apex Legends and you can get crackin’!

Buy Apex Coins in Apex Legends

  1. Purchase the Xbox Gift Card(s) you need;
  2. Complete your order in our webshop and you will receive the code instantly in your inbox;
  3. Activate your code and top up your digital wallet. Read our manual for instructions;
  4. Start Apex Legends on your Xbox One,
  5. Go to the Store and choose how many Apex Coins you want to buy;
  6. Use your Xbox credit as a payment method and you are ready to spend your Apex Coins!

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