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  • EA Origin Gift Card

    Buy the best games with a EA Wallet Top Up!
    Or subscribe to EA Play and get access to the game library The Vault.

    EA Origin Gift Card

EA Origin Gift Cards

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Add credit to your EA Wallet and buy your favourite games!

With an EA Gift Card you can add credit to your Wallet. As soon as you have credit in your account, you can buy all kinds of content from the EA Store. In addition to games, add-ons and extra game content, you can also activate your EA Play (Pro) subscription!

More gaming with EA Play

A EA Play and EA Play Pro is what you could call a 'PC game subscription'. When you are a member of this service you will get access to The Vault; this is a growing number of PC games that you can download and play unlimited. You can also try out brand new EA games free of charge before they are actually released. You will also automatically receive a 10% discount on all games in the Origin Webshop. The discount applies to full games, reservations and DLCs.

With a subscription to EA Play or EA Play Pro you get access to these games. This is the full version of the games. More and more games are being added to this range. You can view all the Vault games here.

There are third party PC games in The Vault, and the number of games available increase every month.

What are Play First trial versions?

Play First trial versions are EA games that will be released soon, but are not yet playable for the general public. So you can be the first to play certain games. How cool is that?! There are different types of games you can play with EA Play.

Trial versions: these are available to all EA Players, even if they are not Play Pro members.

Demo's: A demo of a game to give gamers a taste. Play First Trial Versions: The complete game that you can play temporarily before this game is officially released. This category is only available to EA Play Pro members.

In the Play First trial versions, your progress is preserved, so you don't have to worry about losing progress. When you purchase the full-game then you can continue where you left off! What's more, you get a 10% discount on your purchases from the Origin Play platform, on releases and reservations, as well as on expansions, bundles, and more. However, you do need to make your purchases from the EA Play Store.

EA Play (Pro) games can only be played on your PC. By the way, the same goes for Vault games and Play First trial versions. Play First versions of the PC games on EA Play always require an Internet connection. Some Vault games can be played offline, but you'll need to connect to the Internet occasionally to indicate that you are a member of EA Play.

The offer of the games differs per country, this is due to the regulations in different countries about which games may be sold and offered. The offer in The Vault also varies per country.

EA Origin FAQ

EA Origin is the designated online platform for Electronic Arts gamers. With EA Origin you get access to the best EA games, you can play with and against other gamers and you will find the best possible game offers on the internet.

Download and play your favourite games with the Origin Client and get started immediately! A great advantage of registering at EA is that your subscription gives you access to designated EA websites and online services such as:

- Receive interesting discounts on games;
- Origin automatically keeps your games up-to-date;
- Communicate (also in-game) with your friends with a multitude of chat options;
- Install games without any installation CDs needed;
- Get access to EA help services.

You can redeem your Origin code by following these 6 easy steps:
1. Go to: and log on with your Origin account details.
2. Next you need to click at the bottom left of the screen on your user name and next you need to click on the option: ‘EA account and billing’.
4. Select the option ‘Payment and sending’.
5. Click on the button ‘EA-wallet’ and select the option ‘Add more’.
6. Enter the code you have received by e-mail.

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