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Xbox Gift Card FAQ

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Would you like to know how to redeem this code online? Click here to read the manual.

The Xbox Gift Card is a prepaid card to top up your Xbox/Microsoft Balance. With your Account Balance, you can make purchases in both the Microsoft Store and the Xbox Store.

At Gamecardsdirect, we have the following Xbox Gift Cards you can purchase: Xbox Gift Card €5, Xbox Gift Card €10, Xbox Gift Card €15, Xbox Gift Card €20, Xbox Gift Card €25, Xbox Gift Card €30 and the Xbox Gift Card €50.

Yes, you can only use the EU Xbox Gift Card in euro countries. Gift cards are in local currency, so they only will work in the country with the same currency.

After redeeming the Xbox Gift Card code on your account, the balance can be viewed on the account’s payment & billing section > payment options.

Yes, you can top up your Xbox Balance and then use the balance to do in-game purchases such as FIFA Points and Fortnite V-Bucks.

The Xbox Gift Card is a top up card for your Microsoft/Xbox account. After you have redeemed the gift card, you can make purchases in the Xbox and the Microsoft Store.

You can buy Xbox Gift Cards right here, at! Visit our Xbox Gift Cards Page for more info.

You can redeem your Xbox Gift Card at If you want to know more on how to redeem your Xbox Gift Card, take a look at our Xbox Gift Card manual.

Yes! You can buy the Xbox Live Gold subscription with your gift card. Just top up your balance with your gift card and choose your gift card balance as payment option.

Yes, in fact, that is the only (safe) way to buy V-bucks. Top up your balance with an Xbox Gift Card and purchase V-bucks in Fortnite.

The Xbox Gift Card is very versatile, you can use it in the Microsoft Store as well. Go to and enter the 25-character code you received from Gamecardsdirect.

No, Xbox gift cards do not have an expiration date! So it is the perfect gift for your friends/family who own an Xbox One console.

The gift cards are activated when purchased. You can directly redeem your code once received in your mailbox!

You can purchase your Game Pass (Ultimate) subscription with your Microsoft Balance. Top up your balance with an Xbox Gift Card.

You can redeem your Xbox Gift card at the Microsoft store, on both PC and your Xbox console. Go to for PC or to the Store via the console and go to Use a Code. For more information about redeeming your Xbox Gift Card, check out our manual.

There is not really a difference, except for the name. Once redeemed, you can use your balance for making purchases in the Microsoft Store online, on Windows, and on Xbox.

In most cases, this error is due to a temporary problem with redeeming the code. Please try again later. If the error persists, please contact us.

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