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  • Kirby Clash Gem Apples

    Purchase Gem Apples to get in-game items in Super Kirby Clash

    Kirby Clash Gem Apples

Kirby Clash Gem Apples

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Super Kirby Clash 50 Gem Appels

€ 0,99
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Super Kirby Clash 100 Gem Apples

€ 1,99
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Super Kirby Clash 250 Gem Apples

€ 3,99
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Super Kirby Clash 500 Gem Apples

€ 5,99
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Super Kirby Clash 800 Gem Apples

€ 9,98
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Super Kirby Clash 1000 Gem Apples

€ 9,99
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Super Kirby Clash 2000 Gem Apples

€ 19,99
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Super Kirby Clash 2300 Gem Apples

€ 24,99
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Super Kirby Clash 3000 Gem Apples

€ 29,99
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Super Kirby Clash 4000 Gem Apples

€ 39,99
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Super Kirby Clash 5000 Gem Apples

€ 49,99

Play Super Kirby Clash for free

The Nintendo-exclusive free-to-play Super Kirby Clash is a big hit. The title can be downloaded for free from Nintendo eShop. You can play this game alone, but also with family and friends. You can play via a single console, via local wireless or online with multiple people. The game has more than 100 levels (!).


The game is free to play, but if you really want to get the most out of it, you can hardly do without Gem Apples. Gem Apples allow you to do more in Super Kirby Clash.

Gem Apples are commonly used in Super Kirby Clash

In Super Kirby Clash you can use Gem Apples (Crystal Apples) for many different purposes. So it's handy to always keep a few Gem Apples in your pocket. It's possible to get Gem Apples for free, but it's easier and faster to just buy them.

Gem Apples can be used for the following purposes:

  • Buy weapons and equipment;
  • Buy Support items;
  • Unlock missions and heroics (Ordeals and Tough Quests);
  • Restore your strength (vigor);
  • Add extra time to a mission after the time has elapsed;
  • Bring all defeated heroes back to life;
  • Hire Wandering Adventurers for a second time in 24 hours.

So you can see that you can do a lot more with those beautiful Gem Apples. You can get these apples for free as well as paid. At Gamecardsdirect you can easily buy the Gem Apples, so you don't have to go through all the missions and trees all day. The Gem Apples will automatically come to you in your mailbox!

At Gamecardsdirect you can buy the following Gem Apple values:

Pick the desired value Gem Apples and receive it immediately after payment in your mailbox! You can redeem the code in Nintendo eShop. For a more detailed description, see 'Redeem instructions'.

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