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World of Warcraft Time Card 60 days US

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  • 60 day access to World of Warcraft
  • Join millions of online players
  • Only for American accounts
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€ 24,95


Go online with your friends and escape into Blizzard Activision’s World of Warcraft. With this Game Card, you add 60 days of online gaming time to your American Blizzard account.

  1. WoW prepaid card – 60 days;
  2. Remark! This WoW Card is only valid on USA accounts!
  3. Order and directly receive a World of Warcraft 60 days Time Card code by e-mail;
  4. Activate the code and instantly get 60 days access to World of Warcraft;
  5. Pay the WoW Code with one of the many payment methods;
  6. Receive the WoW Time Card redeem code instantly by e-mail.

Unlimited gaming with your US World of Warcraft Timecard!

Become a member of the biggest online community and enjoy many adventures in the world of Azeroth (and beyond) with your friends.

A World of Warcraft Timecard gives you access to Blizzard Activision’s online network and the game World of Warcraft and its expansions. To play online you will need a Timecard, an American Blizzard Activision’s account, and your PC. There are many perks that come with an online World of Warcraft subscription. Get the most out of your game time with a 60 days US Timecard and start gaming!

Buy your Timecard for WoW online

At Gamecardsdirect you can choose from different WoW Time Cards. With this Timecard, you have 60 consecutive days to play World of Warcraft. If you choose the 60-day Timecard, you have access to Blizzard Activision’s servers and World of Warcraft for 2 months straight. Battle the evils in and outside of Azeroth, play the hero you always wanted to be! Get this subscription now at Gamecardsdirect, the one-stop gift card shop!

The advantages of a US World of Warcraft Timecard

As you can see there are many advantages to a World of Warcraft prepaid subscription, also called a Timecard or WoW Gametime Card. The easy thing about this kind of subscription is that you are not tied to anything! Once you have entered the code, your WoW membership starts and stops automatically when the duration of the card expires. Easy, right? That way you are always in control of your game subscriptions. When you enter more than one code in a row, the time will simply be added up and extend your World of Warcraft subscription period.

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World of Warcraft Time Card 60 days US €24,95
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