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  • Prepaid Mastercard

    Charge your prepaid card from Mastercard® and pay, for example, when shopping online, your bills or your daily groceries.

    Prepaid Mastercard

Prepaid Mastercard

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What is possible with a Prepaid Mastercard?

With this Mastercard you have the best of both worlds. You can pay online wherever Mastercard is accepted and with a Prepaid Mastercard you are not linked to your bank account and so you can never spend more than is stated on the card.

Prepaid Mastercard advantages

  • Privacy and security in transactions;
  • Always have insight into your spending via the ICS App;
  • Automatic purchase insurance and additional travel insurance.

The following Prepaid Mastercard are available at Gamecardsdirect:

The Prepaid MasterCard code will be sent instantly via e-mail

Buy a Prepaid Mastercard at Gamecardsdirect and receive it immediately in your mailbox! You can purchase a Prepaid Mastercard without creating an account. Choose one of our many secure payment methods to receive your Prepaid Mastercard. Enter your e-mail address and you will receive your Prepaid Mastercard immediately.

Prepaid Mastercard payment by phone or iDeal? That is possible!

Don't want to have your personal data ending up on the Internet? Handle your bank details safely and carefully and pay your Prepaid Mastercard via our telephone payment method, with our service number 0906-7290027 you can call us before you make your purchase. Stay on the phone, the connection will be disconnected as soon as the payment is complete.

You can also pay with iDeal, this is one of the most secure payment methods to pay with your Prepaid Mastercard. After payment, you will immediately receive your code!

Do you have more questions about Prepaid Mastercards?

Check our FAQ-page, where you will find the most frequently asked questions.

Prepaid Mastercard FAQ

Prepaid Mastercard Top Ups can be used as a means to add credit to your prepaid mastercard. First of all, you need an account and prepaid mastercard. You can create one here.

A Prepaid Mastercard Top Up card is a prepaid card that you use to top up your ICS prepaid mastercard. You can do this here.

You can buy a Prepaid Mastercard Top Up card online at Gamecardsdirect. Click here for all our Prepaid Mastercard values?

With a prepaid mastercard you can pay at more than 35 million places. Wherever the Mastercard logo is displayed, you can pay with your prepaid mastercard, also abroad.

Because it is a prepaid Card and you can determine your balance on the Card yourself, there is no financial verification. That's why everyone that is 18 years of age or older can use a prepaid credit card.

In addition to the extra security through Mastercard ID Check, as a Mastercard holder you have the standard guarantee that you also have with a physical card. So you are always assured of a safe purchase.

My ICS is your personal and secure page on After logging in, you can see all your account statements and payments. Arrange all your prepaid card matters online. For convenience, use the ICS app (Android or Apple).

Normally, you will receive your code immediately after completing your order. However, it can occur that our email is delayed or filtered by your mail server. Check your spam folder, advertising folder or other filtered message boxes carefully. Can't find the code e-mail? Feel free to contact us.

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