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    Buy your GT Mobile credit at Gamecardsdirect. Call credit delivered immediately.

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GT Mobile

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Top up GT Mobile Prepaid with a prepaid code

Always online and ready for phone calls, making high-quality phone calls and surf the internet endlessly with GT Mobile Prepaid. Use phone credit to top-up your GT Mobile SIM card with a value of your choice, at Gamecardsdirect, the one-stop gift card shop. Choose the value you need to ‘survive’ in this mobile-always-on society, and receive the code in your mailbox immediately after completing your purchase. Choose one of the many payment options such as iDeal and Daopay. When you see your code appear in your inbox, follow the instructions and in a few minutes, your GT Mobile credit will be topped up. You will never miss a moment online!

With prepaid you buy credit in advance with which you can call, text and/or use the internet. For this, you need a SIM card from GT Mobile.

Globally connected with GT Mobile Prepaid

With GT Mobile, you enjoy all the benefits of a Prepaid phone. Stay connected with your friends and family across the globe, make use of the secure GT Mobile network and play online without lag. Take your pick with one of the different bundles available with GT Mobile. Are you running out of phone credit? Purchase a prepaid code at Gamecardsdirect, and you will never be offline!

Your GT Mobile credit is valid indefinitely when you top-up once every 3 months. Did you forget to add credit to your GT Mobile SIM Card? Your account will be then frozen until you add new credit within 30 days.

Choose the GT Mobile prepaid value that suits your lifestyle

Choose the value that suits you, whether you are an avid online mobile gamer, or connect with your family once a week during a video call; we always have the right prepaid credit for you.

Choose the credit you need and receive it directly in your mailbox. Once you have added the credit to your SIM Card, choose a prepaid bundle that suits your lifestyle.

The standard rates can vary depending on the country you are calling to. Check out the rates at the GT Mobile website.

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