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    Finally, there is a safe way to regain control over your expenses! Mint Prepaid Cards are perfect for online payments.



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MINT €10

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MINT €100

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How do you buy a MINT gift card at Gamecardsdirect?

Buying a MINT gift card at Gamecardsdirect goes as follows:

  1. Choose for which amount you want to buy MINT gift cards, and put this product in your shopping cart at;
  2. Click on “Order Securely”;
  3. Fill out some well-needed information, so that we know where to send your purchase to;
  4. Choose the payment option you want to pay with;
  5. After just some quick moments after the payment process, you will receive your order by email.

Pay at partner websites of MINT gift cards

With a MINT gift card, you can upgrade your credit with an amount of your own choice. At partner websites, you can pay with the MINT payment option. Which websites are partners, you can find here.

How can I get information about my MINT credit?

You can get information about your MINT credit by just using your MINT code. An amount you need to pay will simply be deducted from the amount that is on your MINT gift card.

How long is a MINT code valid?

A MINT code is valid for 1 year. Make sure to fully use your credit within this time period.

How can I reach the helpdesk of MINT?

You can reach the helpdesk of MINT by sending an email to [email protected]. The helpdesk of MINT cannot be reached by phone.

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