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  • EA Origin Access

    Take out a EA Origin Access subscription and get instant access to The Vault, a platform with a growing number of PC games!

    EA Origin Access

EA Origin Access

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What is EA Origin Access?

EA Origin Access is what you would describe as a PC game subscription. When you become a member of this subscription, you get access to The Vault. This is a platform where a growing number of PC games are available for download. You can try out new EA games for free before the official release. In addition, you get a 10% discount of all games in the Origin store. This discount is for all full games, pre-orders and DLCs.You will need to have internet connection in order to play Play First Trials on EA Origin Access. Certain Vault games can be played offline, but it does sometimes require you to connect to the internet to verify that you are an EA Origin member.

What is The Vault?

The Vault has a growing number of PC games from EA. You can get access to this platform, which includes all the full games available, with an EA Origin Access subscription. The Vault also keeps growing as more games are being added to the collection.

What are Play First Trials?

Play First Trials let you download and play future EA games for a limited time, before EA officially releases the game. So you can be the first to play certain games, how cool is that? Even in these trials you will be able to keep your save game, so you don’t need to worry about that. When you purchase the full game you can pick up where you left off without wasting any precious gaming time.

How do buy an EA Origin Gift Card from Gamecardsdirect?

Purchasing an EA Origin Gift Card is really easy, safe and quick in our webshop. It goes as follows:

  1. Select the gift card with the value that you would like and add it to your shopping cart;
  2. Enter your personal details and accept the terms and conditions;
  3. Pay using one of our many payment options;
  4. Receive your gift card per email right away.

How do I exchange my code for an EA Origin Access subscription?

You can use your newly acquired EA Origin Gift Card to pay for an EA Origin Access subscription. Follows these steps and you will soon be playing games from The Vault:

  1. Start up EA Origin or head over to their website ( and log in to your account;
  2. Search for Origin Access and choose the subscription you like;
  3. Select your EA Wallet as a payment method and use your credit;
  4. Continue with the payment and you will be knee-deep in games in no time!
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