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  • EA Origin Access

    Take out a EA Origin Access subscription and get instant access to The Vault, a platform with a growing number of PC games!

    EA Origin Access

EA Origin Access

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Activate your EA game subscription with an EA Gift Card!

If you have an EA account, you also have an EA Wallet. Top up your balance to make purchases at the EA Origin Store. Don't want to buy single games, but want to play games unlimited for a fixed monthly fee? Then EA Play is a perfect option for you. EA Play gives you unlimited access to the freshest games for as long as your subscription runs. Not only EA titles, but also PlayStation and Xbox games are available!

EA Origin Access has been changed: EA Play is the ultimate gaming experience!

EA Origin Access (Basic and Premier) was the game subscription that already contained many extras. Now the service is more extensive than ever! EA Play is the ultimate gaming experience for anyone who loves EA games. There are two types of memberships: EA Play and EA Play Pro.

This is what you get with EA Play membership:

  • Gain access to exclusive challenges and rewards, exclusive content for EA Play members, previous trial versions of new releases and access to a library of AAA titles;
  • Play a select number of new games for up to 10 hours before they are released;
  • Gain unlimited access to a collection of popular series and top titles from Electronic Arts;
  • Save 10%* on all EA digital purchases, including game downloads, Season Passes, points packages and DLC.
  • This is what you get with EA Play Pro membership:

    • Gain unlimited access to all EA games and brand new releases;
    • Play the best editions of EA's top games with all the extras, including in-game rewards, Season Passes and premium player content;
    • Gain early access to a select number of new games before they are released;
    • Same 10% discount* on EA digital purchases including full games, expansions, points packages and much more;

    Become a Pro member today and get the Apex Legends Battle Pass for Season 6 - Boosted. Plus, save 10% on all your digital purchases, including Apex Coins.

    Get the most out of your game

    • Enjoy your favourite titles with exclusive content;
    • Gain early access to new games, exclusive events and more.

    Gain instant access to a collection of EA's most popular games:

    • Download great titles from The Play List and play them indefinitely on your PC;
    • Play the most popular series, such as Battlefield™, FIFA, Dragon Age™, The Sims™ and many more;
    • Always new games added to the library;
    • Try brand new games.

    Play selected new titles for up to 10 hours: the full game, no beta or demo versions. All your progress will be saved in case you decide to buy the game. Try selected new games before release.

    There is more. You have the following advantages as an EA Plus member:

    • Members get 10% discount on all digital purchases from EA;
    • Includes full games, Season Passes, points packages and DLC;
    • The discount is available as long as you are a member;
    • You keep all your purchases, even when your subscription expires.

    Even more fun in Apex Legends with EA Plus Pro!

    With EA Plus Pro you go one step further. Get the Battle Pass for Apex Legends Season 6 - Boosted and access to the latest games as soon as they come out, with Pro rewards and content! These benefits only apply to PC.

EA Origin FAQ

EA Origin is the designated online platform for Electronic Arts gamers. With EA Origin you get access to the best EA games, you can play with and against other gamers and you will find the best possible game offers on the internet.

Download and play your favourite games with the Origin Client and get started immediately! A great advantage of registering at EA is that your subscription gives you access to designated EA websites and online services such as:

- Receive interesting discounts on games;
- Origin automatically keeps your games up-to-date;
- Communicate (also in-game) with your friends with a multitude of chat options;
- Install games without any installation CDs needed;
- Get access to EA help services.

You can redeem your Origin code by following these 6 easy steps:
1. Go to: and log on with your Origin account details.
2. Next you need to click at the bottom left of the screen on your user name and next you need to click on the option: ‘EA account and billing’.
4. Select the option ‘Payment and sending’.
5. Click on the button ‘EA-wallet’ and select the option ‘Add more’.
6. Enter the code you have received by e-mail.

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