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Lebara Unlimited Light

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  • Adds 1.000 call minutes for NL and 42 other countries
  • Includes 1GB mobile data with 3G internet speed
  • Adds 100 SMS for NL + 42 other countries
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€ 20,00


Lebara has stood for affordability and freedom for over 20 years. Calling, surfing the web and texting your friends in a way that suits you. With Lebara Unlimited Light you're always up to date for an affordable price. Call mobile and landline numbers for a reasonable price, both local and abroad. That's Lebara for you!

Lebara Unlimited Light €20: The perfect plan without a recurring subscription

Lebara has the perfect Prepaid deals if you don’t like to be tied to a recurring subscription. The Unlimited Light plan of €20 is perfect when you regularly call your friends and family who live abroad. You even get 1.000 minutes to call landlines in Turkey and Morocco! This way you are in control of your mobile budget, without compromising your quality time with family and friends!

Are you not yet familiar with the Lebara offer? Lebara offers Sim Only and Prepaid deals. With Lebara Sim Only, your SIM card is automatically charged. If you want to keep full control over your budget, choose one of the Prepaid plans, such as Lebara Unlimited Light €20. With this plan, you have everything in one Prepaid deal, for an affordable price. The Lebara Unlimited Light €20 is valid for 30 days.

With Lebara Unlimited €20 you have:

  • 1.000 call minutes to Dutch phone numbers + 42 other countries;
  • 1GB of mobile data with 3G speed;
  • 100 SMS to Dutch numbers + 42 other countries;
  • 5.000 call minutes from Lebara to Lebara.

Making video calls, sending text messages, sending emails and checking your social media; it's more affordable than you think. No need to buy an expensive subscription, just get the best Prepaid deal with Lebara Unlimited Light.

Top up your Lebara with 20 euro to call, surf and more

Add the Lebara Unlimited Light with a value of 20 euro to your sim card, simple and easy. At Gamecardsdirect you will receive Lebara Unlimited Light €20 as a prepaid code by email. The data is valid for 30 days, so you can call local and international phone numbers to your heart's content. Are you planning to stay offline for a day or maybe more? No problem, you only pay for the data you actually use.

Buy €20 Lebara Unlimited Light code online

Buy and receive the €20 credit for Lebara Unlimited Light in just a few steps. You'll receive the prepaid code immediately after completing your payment. Lebara has the best price rating, but if you do run low on your Unlimited Light credit, just buy a new Lebara Unlimited voucher on our webshop. Do you use a lot of mobile data because you make a lot of video calls? Buy some more of this product, or combine it with another Lebara Prepaid deal! It's that simple with Lebara.

Redeem instructions

How can I upgrade my Lebara phone credit?

Upgrading your phone credit at Lebara is as easy as can be. You can do it in 2 different ways.

Option 1 – By calling

  1. Call the free number 1244;
  2. Follow the voice instructions, and press the number 2, when asked to;
  3. Type in the 14-digit upgrade code you bought, and end with a #.

Option 2 – By text message

  1. Press the combination *101*your Lebara prepaid code, and finish with a #;
  2. Press the send button on your mobile phone.

Can I also upgrade my Lebara phone credit when I am abroad?

Yes, you can upgrade your Lebara phone credit while abroad. Follow the steps:

  1. Call the number +31626001244;
  2. Choose “Volg de gesproken instructies”. (or “Follow the audio instructions”);
  3. Press the Lebara prepaid code you have bought, and finish with a #.
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Lebara Unlimited Light €20,00
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