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PlayStation Now FAQ

"Streaming" means the following: when you play a game via PS Now, you actually play it via the servers of Sony PlayStation with your broadband internet connection. This also means that you do not have to download anything to your PS4 or Windows PC / laptop. Your PC/laptop/console is therefore not filled with remnants of all kinds of games. How cool is that?!

You can use the following devices to use PS Now: PlayStation 4 and Windows PCs or laptops.

Below is a small selection of the games that you can play when you subscribe to PlayStation Now. You can choose from over 500 titles. There is also a large selection of PlayStation 2, 3 and 4 games:

- Uncharted 3 - Red Dead Redemption - LEGO Harry Potter Year 1-4 - The Last of Us - Bioshock Infinite - Ratchet & Clank - All 4 One - Killzone: Shadow Fall - Borderlands - Injustice: Gods Among Us

A PS Now subscription only costs €14,99 per month. So, are you a die hard gamer? Then this is really worth your money and it is a whole lot cheaper than buying full games. You get unlimited access to a large number of games, around 500 in total, and the library continues to grow.

You can easily purchase a PS Now subscription in the PlayStation Store using your account balance. Top up your balance with a PSN Card from Gamecardsdirect.

Yes, you can save your progress with PS Now games and continue playing later by saving your progress in a special cloud. You do need an active subscription for access.

Yes, you can have access to your PS Now games and the progress you have made in your games, even if you are not playing on your own PS4 or Windows laptop / PC. All you have to do is log in with your login name and password.

Yes, that's possible! In fact, it is even more fun, because you can play against each other or together. You have the same options that you would have if you had purchased the physical game and the same applies to the person you are playing against.

Not always. It is possible that some in-game functionalities are different in the PS Now version of the game. The downloaded or physically purchased game and the PS Now versions may differ. PS Now games cannot be combined with DLC add-ons, they have a lower resolution than the original, there is limited access to in-game stores, less content created by other gamers and there is no stereo sound possible. Game progress is stored on the PS Now servers.

To be able to use PS Now you need at least an internet connection of 5Mbps. For the best connection you can use a cable to access the internet on your PS4 or Windows PC / laptop. It is also advised that your device does not perform other tasks at the same time.

No extra apps or software are required to access PS Now. You can purchase a PS Now subscription through the PlayStation Store. Best of all, you only pay €14,99 for a month of PS Now.

No, it is not necessary to be a member of Playstation Plus to subscribe to a Playstation Now subscription. PlayStation Plus and Playstation Now are two different services. You can purchase both via the PlayStation Store using your PlayStation credit.

Yes, you can create a wish list, this can be done in the "My list" feature. You can keep track of what you want to play; this is also possible if you do not have a PS Now subscription (yet). You can indicate your favourite games in the app. Press the button with the cross on your PS4 controller to open the game page. Then select "My list". Choose from up to 50 PS Now titles you want to play and get easy access to these specific games.

If you have any questions about PS Now, you can contact our customer service in various ways. If you want to increase the balance of your PlayStation account, purchase one of the prepaid PSN Cards above! Have fun!

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