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HEMA Gift Card €10

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  • Buy bedding, office supplies, household items, garden supplies and more...
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€ 10,00


  • Order a 10 euro HEMA Gift Card and receive it immediately.
  • Buy bedding, office supplies, garden equipment and more in the HEMA webshop or store.
  • This gift card can be spent in any HEMA store that accepts euro (€) as the currency and in the webshop.
  • Pay for the prepaid HEMA card with i.e. iDEAL, PayPal and credit card.
  • A €10 HEMA Gift Card has no expiry date.

HEMA Gift Card – what is it?

This HEMA Gift Card with a €10 shopping value gives you a €10 discount on HEMA products. HEMA is known for its low prices of household items, clothing and more, and you will find a HEMA store in almost every city and train station.

Tip! Would you like to gift someone a present, but are not sure what to get? Buy a HEMA Gift Card, a versatile gift that almost anyone can make great use of!

What can I do with a HEMA Gift Card of 10 euro?

You can use a HEMA prepaid gift card of 10 euro to purchase kitchen utensils, homeware products, garden equipment, beauty products and so much more. The gift card can be spent in the webshop and any HEMA store in countries that accept euro (€) as the currency.

Which types of prepaid HEMA cards are available at Gamecardsdirect?

In addition to the HEMA Gift Card of 10 euro, you can also order a €20 and €50 gift card for the HEMA webshop and stores at Gamecardsdirect.

How do I purchase a €10 HEMA Gift Card?

You can easily buy a 10 euro HEMA Gift Card in our webshop and receive the digital redeem code per email right away. Ordering a gift card online is really easy and goes as follows:

  1. Add the HEMA Gift Card of €10 to your order and head over to the payment screen;
  2. Enter your name and email address and choose a payment method with which you would like to pay for the order;
  3. Pay for the order and you will receive the gift card per email immediately!
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HEMA Gift Card €10 €10,00
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