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Netflix Gift Card €25

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  • Choose a subscription and see what you want on Netflix
  • Look, enjoy. See where you want. Cancel anytime.
  • Watch series and movies whenever you want, wherever you want
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€ 25,00


  • Order Netflix prepaid cards online with a value of €25.
  • Instantly increase your Netflix account credit.
  • Watch popular movies and series, i.e. Homeland, Fargo and House of Cards.
  • Open Netflix on several devices: PC, tablet, smartphone and more.
  • Buy Netflix credit in our webshop in a safe, easy and quick manner.
  • Receive the digital Netflix activation code immediately.
  • Activate the code up to 1 year after date of purchase.

Netflix - is there anyone who does not know it?

Netflix has become a big part of contemporary life. How can we possibly live without it? Everyone is talking about that new movie they watched on Netflix, or about that amazing new series, like Fargo or Homeland. Do you want to join the fun and watch these series and movies at home? Then buy a Netflix Gift Card of €15 and immediately increase your Netflix account credit.

A Netflix Gift Card is a prepaid card used to increase the credit on your Netflix account. With this credit you can buy a subscription for Netflix, allowing you to watch thousands of movies and series. These movies and series can be watched on almost every device that has an internet connection and the Netflix app, think of your smartphone, TV, PC, game console and tablet.

Netflix Gift Card - what can I do with one?

A Netflix Gift Card with a value of €25 is a prepaid gift card that you can use to increase the credit on your Netflix account with 25 euro. With the activation code you can purchase a new subscription, or extend your current subscription. After purchasing or extending your subscription, you can experience unlimited pleasure with the latest movies and series!

Netflix Gift Card – how do I buy one?

A Netflix Gift Card can be purchased in our webshop in a safe manner. Ordering is as easy as child's play! Add the Netflix card you would like to buy to your online shopping basket. Pay for the gift card using one of the payment options. After completing the purchase process, the code will be sent to your email address within just a few seconds.

Netflix Gift Card – how do I redeem a code?

The activation code retrieved from a Netflix Gift Card can be redeemed on: Log in to your account, enter the Netflix code and select “redeem”. The credit from the gift card will then be added to your account balance, with which you can buy a Netflix subscription. If you do not have a Netflix account yet, you will have to create one first. When you register, you will get a free trial for one month!

Netflix – which subscription should I get?

You can take out a Netflix subscription that suits your needs! Netflix offer three different subscriptions:

  1. Basic – 7,00 euro p/m for one user, standard definition
  2. Standard – 9,99 euro p/m for two users, high definition
  3. Premium – 11,99 euro p/m for two or more users, (ultra) high definition

Is a subscription for one person with SD quality sufficient, then you can take out a Basic subscription. Do you want to watch movies with more people? Then you can get a Standard HD quality subscription. Would you like to watch Netflix with more than 2 users? Then it is best if you choose the extensive HD & Ultra HD subscription.

Redeem instructions


1. Go to
2. Enter code


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