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Steam FAQ

Steam is the online channel which Valve uses to serve and reach the international gaming industry. For many gamers Steam is the ‘gateway to heaven’. Steam offers access to more than 1,800 game titles and it connects approximately over 35 million gamers worldwide.
Steam makes it very simple for gamers to buy games online. After a game is bought the game can be played with and against each other and the game can be shared among gamers. Steam also offers the possibility to create communities for products and services. Nowadays Steam is available in 237 countries and can be installed in 21 languages.

Steam is the most popular online web shop when it comes down to buying games! Steam offers many advantages:
- Very attractive discounts – often 90% or more!
- A large and broad range of games.
- Access to your Steam games with Steam Cloud wherever you are.
- Free to play games e.g. Team Fortress 2.
- FREE downloadable demos.
- Easy in usage.
- Steam games are automatically updated.
- Steam makes physical CD/ DVDs unnecessary.
- Support through The Steam Community.

With a Steam Wallet Code, you can add value to your Steam account. A Steam Wallet Code can be activated by following these steps:

1. Go to and log in at your Steam account.
Note: If you don’t have a Steam account yet, firstly create a new account!
2. When you have logged in, enter the received Wallet Code at the option ‘Steam Wallet Code’.
3. Click ‘Continue’ to redeem the Wallet Code.
4. The value of the Steam Wallet Code will be added to your Steam Wallet account.

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