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RuneScape Card €20

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  • Join one of the largest online communities
  • Fight a horde of monsters, complete epic missions and make new friends
  • Use the code to buy in-game items
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€ 20,00


  • Get more out of RuneScape with this €20 in-game credit.
  • Buy in-game items, gear, skills, bonds and much more.
  • Become a RuneScape member and activate your membership.
  • Choose one out of the many available payment methods.
  • This gift card can be redeemed up to 1 year after the purchase date.
  • Only suitable in the Netherlands and for Dutch RuneScape accounts.

What type of game is RuneScape?

RuneScape is what we call a “Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game”, also known as a MMORPG. This game is played together with hundreds or thousands of other players, sometimes even with millions at the same time. The online community of RuneScape has over 11,5 million players in total, and it is important that you work together to become stronger in this strategic game.

What are the advantages that a RuneScape Gift Card can offer?

With a 20 euro RuneScape Gift Card you can buy various in-game items, from bonds to weapons to skills. You are the master of your own game and can pave your way to victory by playing strategically. With this prepaid card you can also purchase a membership, so you can make optimal use of RuneScape with more skills, quests, minigames and bank space.

How can you spend this RuneScape 20 euro gift card?

You can spend this RuneScape gift card by logging in to your Dutch account on RuneScape (click here), and going to the Game Card redemption page. Enter your code and increase your credit with €20 instantly. With this new credit you can choose to become a member, or buy in-game items.

On which accounts can you use this RuneScape card?

This card can only be used on Dutch RuneScape accounts, because the cards are linked to a particular region. Make sure that you have selected the right card for your account.

How do you buy a 20 euro RuneScape gift card from Gamecardsdirect?

At Gamecardsdirect, buying and receiving a product is simple and safe. You put the desired product in the shopping trolley, fill out the form with the required information and pay for the order. After successful payment, the activation code will be sent to your e-mail address instantly.

How many variants of RuneScape are there?

There are various variants of RuneScape Gift Cards available in our webshop. For a Dutch account we offer a €7,50 and €20 gift card.

What can you buy with a RuneScape €20 Gift Card?

You can use RuneScape Gift Cards to make in-game purchases to take your gaming experience to the next level. €20 Gift Cards will be redeemable for the following:

  • 56 Days of RuneScape Membership
  • 30 Days of RuneScape Membership & 22 Treasure Hunter Keys
  • 50 Treasure Hunter Keys
  • 28 Treasure Hunter Keys & 300 RuneCoins
  • 650 RuneCoins
  • 38 Days of RuneScape Membership & 200 RuneCoins
  • 15 Days RuneScape Membership & 22 Treasure Hunter Keys & 180 RuneCoins
  • 15 Days of RuneScape Membership & 2 RuneScape Bonds
  • 15 Days of RuneScape Membership & 2 OldSchool RuneScape Bonds

Redeem instructions

How do you redeem your Runescape code?

  1. Go to Runescape's website
  2. Log in, then select Shop/Redeem Code from the top menu
  3. Enter the code at the option ‘Redeem a code’
  4. Confirm the order with the ‘Redeem’ option
  5. Your code is now activated
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