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MediaMarkt Gift Card €10

Instant delivery
Digital Code
  • Buy online multimedia products at thé electronics webshop of the Netherlands!
  • Looking for a practical or cool gift for a friend, family member or acquaintance?
  • This gift card can be used in multiple instalments.
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€ 10,00


How do I purchase a MediaMarkt Gift Card €10?

A MediaMarkt Gift Card is a convenient way of buying stuff in the popular electronics store MediaMarkt. It can also be gifted to friends or family, making for a great and useful present. All you have to do is place your desired product in the cart, write your email address, add a gift-wrapping if you are buying the code as a present, and pay with any of the many options available. You (or the intended recipient) will receive an email with the code in a matter of minutes./p>

What can I use a €10 MediaMarkt Gift Card for?

At MediaMarkt you will find a wide choice of electronics, gaming and household items to choose from. Do you want a kitchen appliance, or a new TV screen? Maybe you’re drooling over that shiny new gaming console, or need a new hairdryer? You can find these items and many more at MediaMarkt, thus your Gift Card is basically your ticket to all electronics products.

Can I use my €10 MediaMarkt Gift Card in any MediaMarkt store?

Actually MediaMarkt Gift Cards cannot be used in retail stores. You can only use them in MediaMarkt online store. Also please pay attention at which country you are buying it for, because these cards are country-specific. A Dutch Gift Card cannot be used in the German store, or the other way around.

What if I don’t use all the credit on my Gift Card?

You don’t need to worry. A MediaMarkt Gift Card is valid up to 5 years after its purchase, and you can use as little of the credit as you need. The spent amount will simply be removed from the total available credit. You can check your card credit amount anytime by visiting a nearby MediaMarkt store, or you can do it online by going to and entering your gift code and PIN.

Redeem instructions

How do I use a MediaMarkt Gift Card redeem code?

  • Visit MediaMarkt webshop;
  • Select the product(s) you wish to buy and place them in the cart;
  • Go to the check-out screen;
  • Log in, create an account or continue with only your email address;
  • Select ‘Cadeaukaart’ as the payment method and enter the gift code and PIN code;
  • Complete the payment and your order will be processed!
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  • Excellent customer service
  • Telephone:
    +31(0)85 047 75 36
  • E-mail support in the weekends
  • 1.100.000+ satisfied customers

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