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Odido €10

€ 10,00
Only usable in The Netherlands.
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Odido €15

€ 15,00
Only usable in The Netherlands.
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Odido €20

€ 20,00
Only usable in The Netherlands.
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Odido €40

€ 40,00
Only usable in The Netherlands.

Making use of your mobile phone for great rates

With T-Mobile you make use of great rates to make use of your mobile phone. Call, text (SMS), and make use of the internet on your mobile phone by making use of the acknowledged, worldwide network of T-Mobile. Already millions of people are making use of the services of this provider. By making use of T-Mobile prepaid you are not obliged to sign for a fixed mobile phone plan with monthly costs, but you can make use of all the great services this telecom provider has to offer.

How can I buy T-Mobile prepaid credit at Gamecardsdirect?

Buying prepaid credit at Gamecardsdirect is fairly simple. Follow the steps below:

  1. You want to upgrade your SIM card, and put this product in your digital shopping cart;
  2. Click on the button “Order Securely”;
  3. Fill out some information, so that we know to whom we have to send the purchase to;
  4. Pay with one of the many payment options we offer at Gamecardsdirect;
  5. After finishing the order process you immediately receive the prepaid code you have purchased in the inbox of your email account.

How do I get information about my T-Mobile phone credit?

You can get information about your most current T-Mobile credit:

  1. Call the T-Mobile service number for free on 1244;
  2. Choose option 2 in the voice menu;
  3. Receive the most current information about your credit by text message (SMS).

How long is T-Mobile phone credit valid?

As long as you continue using your T-Mobile phone credit every once in a while your credit will remain valid. You need to make use of your credit every six months to keep it valid, to be precise. This means that it is already Ok when you use your credit to call, text, or to make use of the internet for a short while. Numbers which are free of charge are not included to keep your phone credit valid.

Buy your prepaid codes at Gamecardsdirect

Next to T-Mobile prepaid codes, we also offer codes from other telecom providers, such as: Vodafone, Lycamobile, KPN, and Delight. Choose the prepaid credit you need from the provider you have your SIM card from.

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