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Google Play Pass: Get the most out of the Google Play Store!

Recent years, mobile games and apps have volved into an ad- or microtransaction-filled experience. Google wants to offer a solution to this trend: the Google Play Pass! The Google Play Pass is Google's latest subscription for the Play Store. Subscribing to this service will give you access to hundreds of games and apps. The in-app purchases and annoying advertising in apps seem to be coming to an end.

Play Google Play Pass games anywhere on your Android device

You can play Google Play Pass titles on every Android device if you have Android OS version 4.4 or higher and a version of the Google Play Store app of 16.6.25 or higher. Do you want to enjoy the hundreds of games and apps with the Play Store subscription with your whole family? You can share your Google Play Pass membership with your Google Play family group.

You can find the Play Pass titles in the tab ‘Play Pass’ in the Google Play Store. Every app and game will be displayed not only here but in the Google Play Store app as well. Look for the small Play Pass icon at the bottom of the image.

The best games and apps with the Google Play Pass

The apps and games that are selected are not random and unknown titles. Google has chosen everything manually, including some of the best premium apps in the Google Play Store (an example is Accuweather). The following games are also available with the Google Play Pass: Terraria, Stardew Valley, Game Dev Tycoon, Reigns: GOT and Monument Valley.

Unlike Apple Arcade games, non-subscribers can buy Play Pass titles separately.

Activate your Google Play Pass with Google Play Store credit

On your Android phone or tablet, you can easily activate your Google Play Pass subscription with your Play Store credit. Top up your Play Store credit directly at Gamecardsdirect with a Google Play Gift Code. For more information on how to top up your Google Play Store credit, please refer to our manual.

Go to the Play Store app and click on the burger menu. Select 'Play Pass' and select 'Subscribe'. Select the price and payment method and choose 'Subscribe'.

Enjoy the perks of the Google Play Pass subscription with your whole family

You can also share your Google Play Pass subscription with your family. The Google Play Pass subscription is kid-safe, so you know that your kids can enjoy playing games and use apps in a safe environment. Or your partner will have the benefits of having the apps that are so convenient to use, but without advertisements. You can share the Google Play Pass with every member of your family group.

To set up your Family group, open the Google Play Store app Google Play, tap the top of the menu and then tap ‘Account’. Go to 'Family' and click 'Sign up for Family Library'. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up Family Library.

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