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VVV Online Gift Code €50

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  • Great as a present for someone
  • Ready to spend in many webshops
  • Order a digital gift voucher quick and easy
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€ 50,00


  • Buy products or services in the best webshops in the Netherlands with a €50 VVV Online Gift Code.
  • Can be used for more than one purchase.
  • This card has no expiry date!
  • Purchase a VVV card from Gamecardsdirect and use one of our many payment methods.
  • Receive the digital gift card per email right after successful payment.

What makes VVV Online Gift Code so popular?

VVV Online Gift Codes are really popular for being so versatile. These gift cards are accepted in over 1.000 webshops in the Netherlands that offer a large variety of products and services. Are you looking for an original gift, something different? A VVV Online Gift Code is the solution! With a VVV Online Gift Code you can be confident that the recipient will find a use for it. After all, who does not like €50 to spend on anything they want?

For the overview of participating webshops, click here.

How do you exchange a VVV card in a Dutch webshop?

The specific instruction on how to redeem a VVV Online Gift Code depends on the webshop. In general, you should be able to add the code by selecting gift card as the payment method when placing your order. All you have to do is enter the code and the €50 will be deducted from the total costs. It is not possible to redeem this VVV Online Gift Code in physical stores.

Is it easy to purchase a 50 euro VVV Online Gift Code from Gamecardsdirect?

Yes, it is super easy to order a digital VVV card of €50 from Gamecardsdirect! You can do so 24/7 without leaving your house, as the redeem code will be sent to you digitally. Ordering a gift card online goes as follows:

  1. Add the 50 euro VVV card to your order;
  2. Head over to the payment screen and enter your name and email address;
  3. Select a payment method and pay for the product;
  4. Complete the order and the digital gift card will be sent to you per email immediately!

Which VVV Online Gift Code does Gamecardsdirect offer?

Gamecardsdirect also offers other variants of VVV Online Gift Codes. In addition to the €50 VVV Online Gift Code, you can also get a 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 euro in our webshop.

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VVV online cadeaucode 50 euro
VVV Online Gift Code €50 €50,00
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