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VVV Online Gift Code €15

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  • Great as a present for someone
  • Ready to spend in many webshops
  • Order a digital gift voucher quick and easy
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€ 15,00


  • With this VVV Online Gift Code you can spend 15 euro in the 1.000 participating webshops.
  • This gift card has no expiry date and can be spent in more than one instalment.
  • Gamecardsdirect offers other payment options than with a credit card.
  • You will receive the gift code per email right after successful payment.
  • Easy to forward the email as a gift.

What is a VVV Online Gift Code?

With a VVV Online Gift Code you get access to a wide variety of websites and webshops in the Netherlands. Use a VVV Online Gift Code how you like it!

When should I give a €15 VVV Online Gift Code?

VVV Online Gift Codes are extremely versatile and therefore the perfect gift for any occasion. You do not even have to shop for a specific gift; life is busy enough as it is! With a €15 VVV Online Gift Code you can still surprise someone with a thoughtful gift. They can then pick out what they would themselves, from gadgets to wellness treatments, entertainment to clothing, and so much more.

Where can redeem my VVV card?

For the complete list of online participating websites where you can redeem your VVV Online Gift Code, click here.

How can I redeem my gift card?

You can redeem your digitale gift card in the participating webshop you have chosen. Each webshop will have its own instruction, but you will be able to select ‘gift card’ as the payment method in most webshops.

How do I purchase a €15 VVV Online Gift Code from Gamecardsdirect?

You can purchase a 15 euro VVV Online Gift Code in the webshop of Gamecardsdirect by following these steps:

  1. Add the online VVV card of 15 euro to your order;
  2. Enter your name and email address;
  3. Pay for the gift card using one of our payment methods;
  4. Complete the order and the redeem code will be sent to you via email right away.

Which other VVV Online Gift Codes can I buy?

In addition to the 15 euro VVV Online Gift Code, Gamecardsdirect also offers digital VVV cards with the following value; 5, 10, 20, 25 and 50 euro.

Redeem instructions

How can I use a VVV Gift Code online?

There are countless webshops that accept the VVV Online Gift Code as a payment method. That is so convenient, right? Especially if you are not sure what present to buy for a friend or relative. You can use a digital VVV gift voucher online in the following way:

  1. Go to;
  2. Search for the specific webshop where you want to spend the card, or search for the available online shops where you can spend the card;
  3. Click on the webshop where you want to use the card;
  4. As a payment method you can choose to pay with your VVV code.

It may depend a bit per webshop, so make sure that you choose the VVV Online Gift Code as the payment method when paying or that you can enter the code when completing the order.

How much VVV credit do I have left?

Go to; and enter the details you received from us in the mail there. This way you can easily and quickly see how much credit you have received or can still spend.

Can I use a VVV code in a store?

Unfortunately, the VVV Online Gift Codes you can purchase from Gamecardsdirect cannot be redeemed in physical stores. You can only use it in webshops that accept the digital VVV code as a payment method. Go to to see a list with webshops that accept VVV Online Cadeaucodes.

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