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  • Make use of your smartphone for great rates.
  • With Ortel prepaid you have no fixed monthly costs.
  • Order quick, easy and secure your prepaid phone credit at Gamecardsdirect.
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With Ortel you call at favorable rates to the Netherlands and abroad with the reliable network of the Dutch mobile provider KPN. Next to calling, you can also text (SMS) and internet with the prepaid credit of Ortel. At Gamecardsdirect we offer several prepaid options of Ortel.

How do I buy 5 euro worth of prepaid credit at Gamecardsdirect?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Choose with which amount you want to upgrade your Ortel prepaid credit;
  2. Put this product in your digital shopping cart;
  3. Click on the “Order Safely” button;
  4. Fill out your personal information;
  5. Pay with one of the many payment options we offer at Gamecardsdirect;
  6. Within seconds you receive the prepaid code you have bought in your email account.

How to get information about your Ortel phone credit?

To get information about your phone credit you undertake the following steps:

  • Call the combination *101#. You will receive a message from Ortel about your most current phone credit;
  • Call the number 1244. Follow the instructions and a voice tells you what the status is of your prepaid credit.

How long can I use my Ortel phone credit?

Prepaid credit of Ortel is valid for six months, on one condition: You need to make use of your credit at least once every six months by making a phone call, sending a text message (SMS), or by making use of the internet. When you do not, you do get an extra month to upgrade your phone credit. If you still have not upgraded your credit within seven months, you will lose your phone number and the credit that is still on your SIM card. The remaining credit you do not get refunded.

The Ortel customer service

There are three distinct ways to contact the Ortel customer service:

  1. Call the number 1200 for free with the phone that holds your Ortel SIM card;
  2. Call the number 0900-1612000 with another phone than the one that holds your SIM card;
  3. By making use of the Ortel contact form, which you can find here.

Terms and conditions

This product can only be used for Dutch accounts. This code is non-refundable. The right to return expires when the code has been received by the customer. Whenever another currency is offered other than Euro, the currency will be changed into Euro, taking into account the most current exchange rate at that specific moment and time.

When the customer loses their purchased code they will not receive a new one. When there are reasons to suspect fraud or purposely neglect by the customer, Ortel Mobile can choose to block the account of the customer. In case this happens, make sure to contact Ortel Mobile’s helpdesk here. Questions about exchanging your code or when you have not received your code within 10 minutes, get in touch with Gamecardsdirect on [email protected].

Your right to cancel your purchase and to ask for a refund depends on the type of products you have bought at Gamecardsdirect. In the core it is the rule that the purchase of digital products and digital content is final. This means that the general terms and conditions are that there will be no refunds, unless it is governed by local law or the supplier of the specific gift or game card. For all other products you have to take into account that your right of withdrawal expires when you have received the code. Digital content that you cannot cancel, but is not limited to, are the following: wallet prepaid credit, games, game extras, subscriptions, shopping gift cards, phone credit, prepaid credit, and crypto currency.

When do I receive my code?

Whenever you buy a code at Gamecardsdirect, you always pay before receiving the code. You receive your purchase by email. Is there something incorrect when it comes down to your payment information? Let us know. Keep in mind that we are not responsible for incomplete telephone payments. Make sure that you have enough credit on your phone to complete a payment process. Incomplete telephone payments will not be reimbursed.

The prepaid code is not exchangeable for cash money, and cannot be resold or be exchanged in another type of way. Your code will not be reimbursed whenever you lose it, gets stolen, or gets used without any other type of permission. The amount that you have paid for can only be used once.

I did not receive my code within 10 minutes

When the code is not in your email box within 10 minutes, it could be that your order ended up in your spam folder. Make sure to check the spam/advertisement/promo folder first. It could also mean that you have used a payment method that we need to double-check, which means that getting your code takes somewhat longer, but this will never be more than 24 hours.

As long as we did not send the code to your email account you can still change your mind, thus you can cancel your order. You have 30 days to retract your purchase, or until the moment you have received the code in your email box.

Redeem instructions

You can redeem your Ortel Mobile quick and easy. Follow the steps below:

  1. Call the phone number 1244;
  2. Choose option 9;
  3. Follow the instructions, and type in the Ortel prepaid code you have bought at Gamecardsdirect;
  4. Your prepaid credit will be immediately updated.
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Ortel €5 €5,00
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