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PlayStation Network Card €30

Instant delivery
Digital Code
  • Top Up with a value of 30 euro
  • Suitable for Dutch PSN accounts
  • Once redeemed, valid indefinitely
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€ 30,00


Get your Playstation card with a value of 30 euro online at Gamecardsdirect, the one-stop gift card shop! Choose one of the many payment methods and receive the code immediately in your mailbox. With this code you can top-up your PlayStation Wallet.

Pay in the PS Store with a PlayStation Network Card €30

Top-up your PlayStation Wallet with the PlayStation Network Card €30. These Wallet Top Ups from PlayStation are the safest payment method to pay for your purchases in the PlayStation Store. No need to link your credit card or other bank account details to your PS account.

This PSN card of 30 euro will be sent to you via email as a digital voucher code. Use the code via your PlayStation console or via the Sony PlayStation website to put credit on your PlayStation account. Once the code is redeemed and added to your balance, the credit has no expiration date.

Use your PlayStation Wallet to make purchases in the PlayStation Store such as games, expansions and add-ons. Next to this, you can also buy demos and music in the PS Store! Or use it to buy in-game currencies such as V-bucks and Call of Duty Points. The possibilities are endless with your PlayStation credit.

Buy PlayStation Network Card €30 online

Purchase your PSN Card of 30 euro for Dutch accounts at Gamecardsdirect, and receive the code instantly. You can purchase the PSN Card by adding the product to your shopping cart, continue to payment and select your favorite payment method. Enter your email address and receive the code within seconds in your mailbox. That way, you can add credit fast and easy. Game on, make in-game purchases and add the latest games to your collection.

At Gamecardsdirect, the one-stop gift card shop, you can purchase your PSN Cards 24/7!

Please note that these PlayStation codes are exclusively for Dutch PlayStation accounts.

Gift a fellow gamer a PlayStation Network Card €30

PlayStation Network Cards are ideal gifts, too! Gift a fellow PlayStation gamer a PSN Card. The PlayStation Network Card is very versatile. Once the PlayStation code is redeemed, the balance has no expiration date. PSN cards can also be used to make in-game purchases like in Fortnite, Call of Duty and Apex Legends. Next to this, the PlayStation Wallet is a payment method to buy movies and other content that is available in the PS Store. As you can see, you will make a PlayStation gamer very happy with a 30 euro PSN Card.

Terms and conditions

Redeemable only by users aged 18 or older holding an adult account for PSN registered to the Netherlands.

PSN wallet funds can be used by the redeeming account holder (and their child Family Member accounts) to pay for items in the PS Store available to Dutch account holders.

Use of Code is subject to these terms, and Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Voucher Code Terms, Software Usage Terms and additional content/service specific terms at

If you do not accept these terms, do not purchase.

Subject to applicable local laws, Code not redeemable for cash and cannot be resold or otherwise exchanged. Code will not be replaced if lost, stolen, damaged after purchase or otherwise used without your permission. Valid for one time use only.

Compatible system and internet connection are required.

Additional payment may be needed to purchase a specific PS Plus plan. 
WARNING: PS Plus is an ongoing subscription with recurring subscription fees which are charged automatically (at the then-current PS Store price) until the subscription is cancelled. If your wallet has insufficient funds, your account's default payment method will be charged. You can cancel PS Plus at any time so it expires at the end of the then-current billing period.
Games (and their features) and benefits included in PS Plus are subject to change.
Additional terms apply, see

PS Plus is only available to users aged 7 or older and content/services vary according to the user's age.

Voucher Code Issuer: Sony Interactive Entertainment Network Europe Ltd (company no: 06020283), 10 Great Marlborough St, London, W1F 7LP, UK. This card is redeemable only against issuer.

“PlayStation Family Mark”, “PlayStation Plus icon”, and “PlayStation” are registered trademarks or trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

Redeem instructions

How do you activate your PlayStation Network Card via the Sony website?

Please follow these steps to redeem your code via the PSN website:

  1. Go to the Sony website and Sign in;

    Log in screen PSN
  2. Click on your profile pic in the top right and select Redeem code;

    PSN dashboard redeem code screen
  3. Enter the code, click Next and confirm one last time. Have fun!

    PSN redeem prepaid card screen

How do you activate your PlayStation Network Card on a PS5 console?

Do you want to redeem your PSN code via your PS5 console? Please follow these steps to redeem your code:

  1. Select the PlayStation Store icon and press the triangle button to access the menu.
  2. Select … (More) > Redeem Code.
  3. Carefully enter the 12-digit code and select Redeem.

How do you activate your PlayStation Network Card on a PS4 console?

Do you want to redeem your PSN code via your PS4 console? Please follow these steps to redeem your code:

  1. Go to the Store in your main menu;

    Playstation store screen

  2. Scroll down and choose Redeem code;

    PSN redeem codes screen

  3. Enter your Code and confirm. Have fun!

    Enter voucher code on PSN console

How do you activate your PlayStation Network Card via the PS app?

It’s possible to redeem codes on your mobile phone by using the PS app.

  1. Select the Store icon (bottom center);
  2. Click on the Options icon (top right);
    Redeem code on mobile app
  3. Select “Redeem Code”;
  4. Type your code and click Continue, follow the instructions.
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PSN Card 30 euro NL
PlayStation Network Card €30 €30,00
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