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PlayStation Network Card €5

€ 5,00
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PlayStation Network Card €10

€ 10,00
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PlayStation Network Card €15

€ 15,00
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PlayStation Network Card €20

€ 20,00
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PlayStation Network Card €30

€ 30,00
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PlayStation Network Card €40

€ 40,00
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PlayStation Network Card €50

€ 50,00
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PlayStation Plus 3 months

€ 24,99
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PlayStation Plus 12 months

€ 59,99

What can I do with a PlayStation Network Card?

PlayStation Network Cards offer so many more possibilities for PlayStation owners. You can use a PSN Card to purchase various content in the PlayStation Store both online and on your console. Think of games (of course), DLCs, expansions, a season pass and more. If you buy a PSN Card from Gamecardsdirect, adding credit to your PlayStation account is easy, fast and secure. This way you also do not have to link your bank account information, and you will never face unexpected fees! You can purchase a game card for your PlayStation console with a €10, €20 and €50 value. You decide how much credit you want to buy and add to your PS account.

Tip: Do you have some credit left on your account? You can also use it to purchase or extend a PlayStation Plus subscription in the PS Store!

How can I use a PlayStation Plus membership card?

If you own a PlayStation console, you are probably familiar with PlayStation Plus, the subscription service with which you get access to the online network of Sony PlayStation and many other benefits. You can choose to become a member for 3 or 12 months with a PSN Plus card in our webshop. As soon as you become a subscriber, you get to enjoy 2 free games each month, early access to demos and betas, high discount in the PlayStation Store and, of course, the ability to play online multiplayer games with friends. With PS Plus you play more and pay less! Want to know more? Take a look here.

How can I become a PlayStation Now member?

Do you want to play unlimited games for a fixed price? Then a PlayStation Now subscription is the solution! You can stream 600+ games with this subscription for a monthly price. PlayStation Now (currently) does not offer a separate subscription card, but you can easily become a member using the credit in your PlayStation wallet. If you purchase a PlayStation Network Card from Gamecardsdirect, you will be able to start your PS Now membership in just a few minutes. Do you want to read more about how you can do so? Then go to our PlayStation Now page.

Where can I find instruction on redeeming PlayStation cards?

Do you need some help redeeming your PSN Card of PS Plus card? You can also read our manuals. Here we explain how to redeem our prepaid card, game card or gift card step by step. You can also check out the frequently asked questions about PlayStation cards in our FAQs.

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