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  • FIFA 23 FUT Points Xbox

    FIFA Points to use in FIFA Ultimate Team™ to get packs, enter Ultimate Draft, and more to help you build your dream squad, or in VOLTA FOOTBALL to unlock fresh apparel items.

    FIFA 23 FUT Points Xbox

FIFA 23 FUT Points

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2800 FIFA 23 FUT Points Xbox

€ 24,99
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5900 FIFA 23 FUT Points Xbox

€ 49,99
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12000 FIFA 23 FUT Points Xbox

€ 99,99

About FIFA 2023 and FIFA points

FIFA 2023 is the latest -and last- entry in the long running Electronic Arts licensed FIFA series. The game, that from the next iteration will be named EA Sports FC due to copyright agreements, has grown a lot over the years and is now probably the most famous and popular football game. The game numbers are impressive: more than 30 different leagues, 100 faithfully recreated stadiums, 700 teams from all over the world and a grand total of over 19.000 different players to choose from. Certainly it can’t be faulted for variety!

A particular aspect of the game since earlier releases is the FIFA Ultimate Team -or FUT for short-. It captured the attention of many gamers and is now the most played part of the game. This is how it works: you get assigned a team of nondescript low-value players and can progressively replace them with high quality players if you’re lucky enough to find their card in the card packs you can buy with FIFA points. Imagine you are the manager of a high school football team, and suddenly you are able to enlist Ronaldo or Messi for a few games. This is why players want to get FIFA Points, in the end.

Do you sell FIFA Point codes at Gamecardsdirect?

Sure we do. Here at Gamecardsdirect, the one-stop gift card shop, we have several different packages with increasing Point value. For example:

To put things in perspective, a card pack may cost from 50 to 150 Points, depending on its rating. In each card people may find any kind of player, from low-level to star level, and several consumable items to keep their team in top shape between matches. It’s easy to see that even the smallest FIFA Point package will expand the arsenal of available players considerably!

Get your Points and start playing!

The process of buying a code at Gamecardsdirect is as easy as can be! All you have to do is select the card you want, put it in the cart, fill in a few details so that we know how we can send the code to you and pay by using the payment method you’re most comfortable with. We have more than 20 you can choose from! With that the process is complete and you will receive the code directly to your email address. Now go, build up your Ultimate Team and take the field!

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