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Lebara ONE €30

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  • With Lebara ONE you call cheap from the Netherlands and abroad
  • Choose Lebara ONE prepaid and make use of your smartphone without a contract
  • Choose, pay, and upgrade when you buy a prepaid code at Gamecardsdirect
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€ 30,00


What is Lebara ONE?

Lebara ONE is ideal when you call internationally and nationally, but you also want to make use of the internet and text messages. With Lebara ONE you can make use of pre-set low rates. You can call fixed phone numbers for € 0,01 per minute in the Netherlands and abroad.

How do I buy Lebara ONE phone credit at Gamecardsdirect?

You can buy Lebara ONE 30 phone credit quick, easy, and secure at by following these steps: Choose the amount you want to upgrade your Lebara ONE prepaid credit with. You can choose out of €15, €20 or €30. Put the amount you want to purchase in your online shopping cart, and click on “Order Securely”. Fill out your personal information, and choose the payment option you want to use. At Gamecardsdirect we offer a variety of different payment options. Within seconds you will receive the Lebara ONE prepaid code you have purchased in the inbox of your e-mail account.

How can I upgrade my Lebara ONE credit?

You can upgrade your prepaid credit by taking the following steps:

Option 1 – By text message (SMS)

  • Press the combination *101* on your mobile phone.
  • Press the 14-digit Lebara prepaid credit code you have purchased, followed by #.
  • Press the dial/send button on your phone.
  • You will receive a text message (SMS) stating the amount you have added.

Option 2 – By calling

  • Dial the free service number 1244.
  • When listening to the voice menu, press option 2, when asked for.
  • Fill out your 14-digit prepaid code and finish with a #.

How can I add prepaid credit to my Lebara ONE card while I am abroad?

Of course, you can add new credit to your Lebara ONE prepaid card while abroad, by following the steps below:

  • Call the phone number +31684001244.
  • Choose for “Volg de gesproken instructies” (or “Follow the audio instructions”)
  • Type in your purchased prepaid code, and finish with a #.

How can I get information about my Lebara ONE credit?

You can get information about your Lebara ONE prepaid credit easy and free of charge by following the steps below:

Option 1 – By SMS

  • Press the combination *100# on your mobile phone, and press the dial/send button.
  • You get a text message with your most current Lebara prepaid credit.

Option 2 – By calling

  • Call the free service number 1244.
  • Choose in the audio menu for option 1, when asked for.
  • You immediately get the most current status of your Lebara credit by audio message.

How long is Lebara ONE prepaid credit valid?

Lebara prepaid credit is very easy to use because your credit is valid indefinitely. There is only one condition: You need to upgrade your prepaid Lebara credit every half year. When you do not, your prepaid phone credit gets blocked; you can get called and texted (by SMS) by others, but you cannot do this anymore yourself. You can also not upgrade your Lebara prepaid credit online anymore. The only thing you can still do is dial the free number 1244 to upgrade your Lebara prepaid phone credit, and you have 3 months to do so. The credit that is already on your prepaid SIM card will be unblocked.

How can I contact the Lebara customer service?

You can contact the Lebara customer service in 3 distinct ways:

Redeem instructions

How can I upgrade my Lebara phone credit?

Upgrading your phone credit at Lebara is as easy as can be. You can do it in 2 different ways.

Option 1 – By calling

  1. Call the free number 1244;
  2. Follow the voice instructions, and press the number 2, when asked to;
  3. Type in the 14-digit upgrade code you bought, and end with a #.

Option 2 – By text message

  1. Press the combination *101*your Lebara prepaid code, and finish with a #;
  2. Press the send button on your mobile phone.

Can I also upgrade my Lebara phone credit when I am abroad?

Yes, you can upgrade your Lebara phone credit while abroad. Follow the steps:

  1. Call the number +31626001244;
  2. Choose “Volg de gesproken instructies”. (or “Follow the audio instructions”);
  3. Press the Lebara prepaid code you have bought, and finish with a #.
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