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  • Call of Duty Points

    With Call of Duty points you can buy bundles containing new operators, stickers, calling cards, emblems and more.Or buy the Battle Pass using your points and unlock items and points while you level.

    Call of Duty Points

Call of Duty Points PlayStation

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PlayStation Network Card €50

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Call of Duty Points are the in-game currency of Call of Duty. With COD Points you can make additional in-game purchases in the following Call of Duty games:

  • Infinite Warfare;
  • WWII;
  • Black Ops III;
  • Black Ops IIII.

Talk to the Black Market Vendor to get the latest weapons and specialist lottery ticket. On the Black Market you can use Call of Duty Points, CP for short, to purchase Weird Supply Drops. In each Rare Supply Drop, players receive three items exclusively through the Black Market. Rare Supply Drops guarantee a rare item with an increased chance of Legendary and Epic lottery tickets. The loot acquired on the Black Market includes customization items such as ranged and melee weapons, themes, camos, calling cards and more.

Use your PSN Card to purchase Call of Duty Points!

It's best to use your PlayStation credit to purchase Call of Duty Points. Top up your wallet with one of the PSN Cards at Gamecardsdirect and buy fun items and Supply Drops at the Black Market! Want to know how many points you get for your money? See the table below for a clear overview:

So buy your PSN Wallet Top Up now at Gamecardsdirect. Choose from:

This is how you buy Call of Duty Points with your PlayStation credit

To purchase Call of Duty Points via Black Market you will need credit on your PlayStation account. Once you have done this, you can purchase COD Points. To find out how to do this, read step-by-step here.

  1. Log in to your account;
  2. Select Store in Multiplayer or Zombies mode;
  3. Navigate to Buy and select the COD Points Bundle you need;
  4. Buy the bundle you need, with the credit you just put on your account;
  5. Follow the further instructions. Voilà, you now have COD Points on your account.

If you have any questions, or if you want to go through the manual step by step, click here.

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