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What are the advantages of using L-Mobi?

With L-Mobi you can call, text (SMS), and use the internet on your mobile phone for great rates. Make use of your mobile phone in the Netherlands, but also abroad with the strong network of L-Mobi.

How do you buy L-Mobi prepaid credit at Gamecardsdirect?

Order L-Mobi prepaid at Gamecardsdirect fast, easy, and most of all secure. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Choose with which amount you want to upgrade your L-Mobi prepaid credit. Put this product in your shopping cart, and click “Add to cart”;
  2. Fill out your personal information, so that we know who to send the purchased code to;
  3. Pay with one of the many payment options we offer at Gamecardsdirect;
  4. As good as immediately you will receive the code you have purchased in your inbox.

How can you upgrade your phone credit at L-Mobi?

Redeeming your prepaid code at L-Mobi is quite simple. The only thing you need to do is to type in the combination *101* on your mobile, followed by #. Follow the audio instructions, and within mere seconds your phone credit will be upgraded.

How can I upgrade my phone credit while abroad?

Abroad you use the same steps as upgrading your phone credit while in the Netherlands. It is just that simple! Look above to see how you need to redeem a prepaid code when you are in the Netherlands.

How can I ask for information about my phone credit?

You can get information about your phone credit by doing the following: Type in the combination *100# on your mobile phone, and press the dial button. After a couple of seconds you receive information about your current credit on the screen of your mobile phone.

How long does L-Mobi credit stay valid?

L-Mobi phone credit remains valid for 9 consecutive months; on one condition: You need to make use of your phone credit every once in a while when it comes down to calling phone numbers, texting (SMS), or internet usage. Make sure to call or text numbers you have to pay for, because free-of-charge numbers are excluded from keeping your phone credit valid.

Contact the helpdesk of L-Mobi

You can reach the helpdesk of L-Mobi in a couple of different ways; all the options to do so, you can find here.

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